Solid wood floor maintenance is very important

Solid wood floor maintenance is very important

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<p>Walk in the solid wood floor, do not use the soles on its drag, otherwise it will cause paint thinning, shorten the service life. General solid wood flooring water resistance is poor, should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water, so as not to lose luster. Recommended waxing maintenance twice a year. Waxing before the first wooden floor wipe clean, and then smear a layer of floor wax on the surface, slightly dry with a soft cloth after wiping. Solid wood flooring maintenance methods, solid wood flooring laying, at least 24 hours after birth, before use, or will affect the use of solid wood flooring effect.</p>

<p> Do not wipe the floor with wet mop or aggressive liquids such as soap and water. To keep indoor air flow smooth, can not use plastic paper or newspaper cover, so as to avoid a long time the surface of the film sticky, dull. Heel nails, and should not walk in the above. Encounter moist sultry weather, you can open air conditioning or electric fans. After the completion of the project, the owners stay in contact with the renovation of the facilities and items, then enter a trial, use stage, during the column may have some problems. Room humidity should not be too large to keep the floor dry, smooth, clean daily use of cotton wring wring dry wipe: In case of stubborn stains. If a large area of ​​flooding or local long time by water immersion, if the water retention should be promptly with a dry cloth to dry, and let the natural dry, strictly prohibited the use of electric heater drying or exposure in the sun.</p>

<p> Do not make the floor contact with open fire or directly on the floor placed on the floor of high-power electric heating, such as the use of metal, Prohibited to place strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor; absolute prohibition of prolonged flooding. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, or room temperature sharp rise and fall and so may cause solid wood flooring paint the premature aging, should be avoided. Owners also in the future long-term use of the decoration necessary maintenance, which requires the owners to understand the use of decoration, maintenance of knowledge. Shoe insole can be placed outside, so as not to sand or friction dust into the room. In order to maintain the real beauty of the floor and extend the paint life. Wipe clean with a mild cleaning solvent and then wring it with a wringed cotton mop.</p>

<p> Do not scrub with organic solvents such as acids, alkalis, or petrol. Clean the floor to pay attention to the mop of the dry and humid, should not mop the water saturated when mopping the floor. Installed sites such as temporarily not live. Usually clean the floor can be used to hold dry cotton mop wipe. Do not beat the surface with heavy objects. To avoid direct sunlight on the ground. Until the smooth light. Regular cleaning the floor, vacuum, to prevent the accumulation of sand or friction dust and scratch the floor surface. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close the doors and windows to keep the indoor low humidity, if the indoor humidity is less than indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity</p>

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