Wood - plastic composite materials processing

Wood - plastic composite materials processing

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<p>The addition of the coupling agent in the wood-plastic composites can improve the compatibility of the wood filler with the plastic matrix,<a href="http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/corrosion-resistant-wpc-fence.html">Corrosion resistant WPC fence</a> thus contributing to the improvement of the strength and the apparent condition of the material. Coupling agents are effective in that they can bond polar surfaces of wood fillers with non-polar materials such as polyolefins.wood plastic composite decking Conventional coupling agents contain maleic anhydride grafted onto polyolefins such as HDPE, PP.</p>

<p>Some artificial zeolites may be added to the polymer, and the aluminosilicate molecular capture powder may absorb the odor in the material.WPC decking The adsorbent captures small organic molecules that produce off-odor through a large number of crystal voids in the powder. Molecular capture adsorbents have been successfully applied to polyolefin extrusion tubing, injection and extrusion blow molded containers,<a href="http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/anti-termite-outdoor-composite-decking.html">outdoor composite decking</a> isolation packaging materials, extrusion packaging and sealing materials.</p>

<p>The molecular adsorbent powder may also be added to the plastic as a dehumidifying agent to remove water vapor therefrom.laminate wpc flooring When a profile is not required to have a continuous sheet-like structure or the part has a complex structural design, the wood-plastic profile may be formed by injection molding or by compression molding. In order to solve this problem, processors need to reduce the amount of wood fillers needed to increase the flow of the melt.<a href="http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/waterproof-wood-plastic-composite-decking.html">wood-plastic composite decking</a> As the 200 �� is the upper limit of wood-plastic composite material processing operating temperature, some melting point of more than 200 �� of the resin, such as PET, can not be used for wood-plastic composites.</p>
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