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Combat sports fans were treated to a number of memorable performances inside the cage this past year. Authentic Football Jerseys . 2013 will go down as one of the greatest in Mixed Martial Arts history and as we close out the year, TSN.cas MMA staff takes a look back at these performances with our Year End Awards. As always wed love to hear your opinion, so tweet myself (@LynchOnSports), Jordan (@FitCityJordan) or Big Marv (@BigMarv204) on Twitter. Or feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section below. Knockout Of The Year James Lynch – (@LynchOnSports) Vitor Belfort def. Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8 (Spinning heel-kick knockout, 2:32. RD. 1) Many pundits will point to Chris Weidmans upset knockout over Anderson Silva at UFC 162 for the knockout of the year, but in this case Im taking style over significance. In a finish that emulated Street Fighter II character Ryus "Hurricane Kick", Belfort stunned fans in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil this past May, by finishing the former Strikeforce champion in the first round. Interestingly enough, this would be the second of three straight head kick knockouts for Belfort in 2013. Jordan Cieciwa - TSN Radio 1290 (@FitCityJordan) Demetrious Johnson def. Joseph Benavidez (Knockout Punch, 2:08. RD 1) This gets my nod because NO ONE EVER gets knocked out at flyweight. Johnson has been looking impressive as of late, but the power and timing it takes to knock out someone like Benavidez is more than impressive. This knockout came out of nowhere, and established Johnson as a force to be reckoned with in the Flyweight division. In addition, this was the first knockout loss for Benavidez in his career. Marvyn Timog – TSN Radio 1290 (@BigMarv204) Junior Dos Santos def. Mark Hunt at UFC 160 (Spinning heel-kick knockout, 4:18. RD.3) Too many to choose from and most of them are of the spin kick variety. What a year for MMA highlight reels! I picked this one because of two major reasons. One, when does JDS throw a kick, much less a spinning back kick. Reason number two, who the heck knocks out Mark Hunt? Submission Of The Year Lynch Rose Namajunas def. Kathina Catron at Invicta 5 (Flying Armbar, 0:12, RD 1) Sure Anthony Pettis had a great submission win over Benson Henderson to win the title, but in this case I have to give props to Namajunas (especially with how quickly she sunk in the hold). The 21-year old wastes little time with this impressive flying armbar finish back in April at Invicta 5. Fans will be seeing more of Namajunas in 2014, as shes been added to the 20th season of The Ultimate Fighter and subsequently will be joining the UFCs newly created strawweight division. JC Anthony Pettis def. Benson Henderson at UFC 164 (Armbar, 4:31, RD 1)This gets the nod for the submission of the year simply because of the stage it was set on, a championship fight. Pettis had to follow up his off the cage kick with something amazing. He did the unthinkable with a first round submission against Ben "Smooth" Henderson. He beat the unbeatable, and he did it quickly and out of his normal practice. The submission was slick, and secured Pettis a title he deserves. Big Marv Anthony Pettis def. Ben Henderson at UFC 164 (Armbar, 4:31, RD 1)Pettis beat Henderson in 2010s fight of the year to win the WEC Lightweight championship. Fast forward three years and they meet again, this time for the UFC Lightweight title. We all expected another epic five round war and we were all shocked that the man who seemed like he could never get submitted tapped out to this arm bar. Fight Of The Year Lynch Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 (Unanimous Decision, RD 5) Ive had few lucky moments in my life but this was one of them. Sitting cage-side this past September in Toronto at UFC 165, I was able to witness what I consider one of the greatest fights in Mixed Martial Arts history. What puts this contest above other worthy candidates such as Mark Hunt vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva (UFC Fight Night 33) or Diego Sanchez vs. Gilbert Melendez (UFC 166) for me was the implications. Nobody gave the 26-year old Swede a chance in this fight and he was nearly seconds away from taking home the UFC Light Heavyweight title. JC Gilbert Melendez def. Diego Sanchez at UFC 166 (Melendez via unanimous decision, RD 3) Because no one saw it coming, and nothing was on the line, these two went out and put on a show. It was amazing. This year had half a dozen fights that could be right here. It was a great year for fight fans. This fight stood out for me because it was an epic back and forth battle. It represented a fight were Diego Sanchez stepped up to the next level, something he hasnt done for a while, and Melendez stood in the pocket and gave fans what they wanted. This is one for the record books, and one to be watched again. Big Marv Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva fight to a draw at UFC Fight Night 33 (Majority Draw, RD 5) When have we ever had this many fights up for fight of the year? Brian Stann vs. Wanderlei Silva, Denis Bermunez vs. Matt Grice, Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler II, Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez, Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson and Hunt vs. Silva. I went with this fight because no one expected much from it, yet it was technical yet sloppy, brutal yet beautiful and the only time Ive ever seen the majority of people so satisfied with a draw. Upset Of the Year Lynch Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva at UFC 162 (Knockout, 1:18, RD 1)While odds-makers wont back up my case for this being the upset of the year as Silva was only a 2-1 favorite prior to his UFC 162 encounter with Weidman, the significance of this win earns the upset of the year in my books. If you consider that Silva was defeated for the first time by technical knockout in his 38-fight career and the middleweight title changed hands for the first time in 2457 days (since Oct 14th 2006), I have a strong case. Other upsets like Bellators Emanuel Newton (who was a whopping 9-1 underdog) knocking out King Mo at Bellator 90 should also be noted, but that had more to do with the fact that Newton was extremely underrated. JC Emanuel Newton vs. Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal at Bellator 90 (Spinning back-fist KO, 2:35 RD. 1) The best part about this knockout win was the amazing under-dog status Emanuel had heading into the fight. Then he followed it up at Bellator 106 with yet another win. He got his knock out, people said it was lucky, and then he backed it up with a solid win. That makes Newtons win special, and the upset of the year. If Weidman can defeat Silva without him show boating, then Im going to be changing my vote on the 28th. Big Marv Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva at UFC 162 (Knockout, 1:18, RD 1)No doubt about it. Weidman over Silva will take the cake. Too much clowning on the champs side? Maybe. But Weidman took FULL advantage. I expect nothing less than fireworks on December 28th. Male Fighter Of The Year Lynch Demetrious Johnson (UFC Flyweight Champion) 3-0 in 2013 Johnson gets the nod simply because hes taken out the top guys in his weight class and is seemingly doing so more impressively in each fight. In his last title defence (UFC on FOX 9), he knocked out Joseph Benavidez in the first round, handling the Team Alpha Male fighter the first knockout loss of his career. This is always a tough choice because generally a champion has the upper hand if he is able to defend successfully, as his quality of opposition is generally top notch compared to his peers. Johnson gets this award over Vitor Belfort because the 36-year old middleweight is barred from competing in certain parts of the United States because of his TRT use. Other considerations would have been UFC Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao (2-0 in 2013) and fellow bantamweight Urijah Faber (4-0 in 2013). JC Vitor Belfort (UFC Middleweight) 3-0 in 2013 Vitor gets the nod for his three knockouts in one year (and in a row) He shocked us when he head-kicked Michael Bisping, then improved the style points against Luke Rockhold, and then did the unthinkable by knocking out Dan Henderson. He gets the nod for doing it three times in one year. In 2013 Vitor had three fights and spent a total of five minutes and 16 seconds at work. He defeated a top contender, Strikeforces champ, and the legend Dan Henderson in just over the equivalent of one round of fighting. Thats the reason the Phenom gets the nod. Big Marv Demetrious Johnson (UFC Flyweight Champion) 3-0 in 2013 Prior to UFC on Fox 9, my fighter of the year was Vitor Belfort. Then "Mighty Mouse" knocked out Joseph Benavidez in the first round of their fight (a man whos been knocking out flyweights on his way back to a title shot) Then I looked back at Johnsons year and I can clearly see he improved astronomically with each fight and just walks with that championship swagger. One impressive 2013 for Mighty Mouse Female Fighter Of The Year Lynch Alexis Davis (UFC Bantamweight), 3-0 in 2013 Canadian bias aside, I had to give the nod to the Port Colborne, Ontario born Davis over champion Ronda Rousey because shes been more active. At the start of 2013 she avenged her loss to Ultimate Fighter 18 contestant Shanya Baszler at Invicta 4 and would follow that up with two-straight wins over Rosi Sexton (UFC 161) and former title challenger Liz Carmouche (UFC Fight For The Troops 3). JC Rose Namajunas (UFC Strawweight), 2-1 in 2013 The 21-year old Namajunas showed the world that the girls can play rough and do it with a real flair. Invicta 5 had Namajunas winning her fight against Kathina Catron in 12 seconds with a flying armbar. She represented the strawweights perfectly, and brought some new fans to the division with her speed and accuracy. The question now is, can she follow it up with some consistent wins. Big Marv Alexis Davis (UFC Bantamweight), 3-0 in 2013 I have to agree with Lynch. Not only did Davis go 3-0 this year, but she improved with each fight. Beating down former title challenger Liz Carmouche was a huge step towards her title contention. Canadian Fighter of the Year Lynch TJ Grant (UFC Lightweight), 2-0 in 2013 Grant earns the award because he pushed his undefeated streak at 155lbs to five-straight in 2013. His most recent win, a first round knockout over Gray Maynard (UFC 160) back in May earned him a title shot against then champion Benson Henderson. Unfortunately for the Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia native, a concussion has sidelined him for the second half of this year. JC TJ Grant (UFC Lightweight), 2-0 in 2013 The reason Grant gets the nod is strictly because he lived up to the hype. There was a ton of pressure put on TJ by the media and fans. With all that pressure what did the kid from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia do? He knocked out Gray Maynard at UFC 160. As soon as he shakes this concussion, hes got a direct line at the champ (Pettis). This will be a great year for him; I only hope he recovers fully before coming back. We need this young man around a while. Hes got that special something, and hes Canadian! Big Marv Georges St-Pierre (Former UFC Welterweight Champion), 2-0 in 2013Lets look at the former Welterweight Champions year. He won with a total domination of Nick Diaz in his first fight and a win over Johny Hendricks in an all-out war in his second bout. Controversial ending or not, that fight was a war. He accomplished all of this while battling some personal demons. Then, knowing he needs time off, rather than holding up the division or having the UFC bring in another interim championship, he vacates his belt. All class, all the time, a true, proud Canadian. Comeback Performance of the Year Lynch Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight 26 (Front-Kick Knockout, 4:08, RD 1) Former Strikeforce champion Overeem was seconds away from pulling off what many believed would be a first round knockout of the Jackson/Winklejohn product Browne. Instead the 31-year old Hawaiian weathered the early storm and caught the former K1 champion with a beautiful front-kick knockout. JC Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight 26 (Front-Kick Knockout, 4:08, RD 1) I cannot think of many fighters who could be on the brink of a loss to Overeem and come back. "The Reem" finishes people, its what he does. He is powerful, aggressive, talented, and has a ton of experience. When Travis Browne battled back, and finished the fight, he had this locked up. That fact that he came back was amplified by the fact that he did it in the first round. He regained his sense, and ended the night for Alistair. It was a very impressive gut check. Big Marv Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight 26 (Front-Kick Knockout, 4:08, RD 1) As soon as this fight ended, I knew this was my pick for comeback of the year. Browne was all but done against the cage. Then he showed some heart and fortitude and eventually introduced his foot to Overeems face and said good night. What an amazing one round fight to watch! Robbery of the Year Lynch Phil Davis def. Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 (Unanimous Decision, RD 3) This fight, like many controversial decisions in MMA history has come down to one round. In this case, it was the first round of the light heavyweight affair and for some reason the judges in this contest valued Davis one takedown over the flurry of punches that Machida imposed. Just to give you an idea, Machida was close to finishing the fight early on, yet the one takedown Davis made in the eyes of two judges was enough to steal the round. Almost all major media members scored this fight for Machida and to make matter more bizarre, this fight was held in Machidas native country of Brazil. JC Rashad Evans def. Dan Henderson at UFC 161 (Unanimous Decision)Never leave it in the hands of the judges, that is the number one thing coaches will tell you. Dan Henderson has a bit of a sleepy style, looking for the big right hand. This fight was no exception. The problem I had with the decision was with the judging. There is no clear cut way to judge a fight. Dan definitely was more aggressive, but Rashads speed landed more shots. The more damaged fighter clearly was Rashad, but he scored more strikes. Id like to see MMA judges decide if we are scoring the Sport of MMA (More points for strikes, Rashad, GSP) or the Fight of MMA (More damage Dan, Hendricks). Whatever it is, I was heartbroken to see Dan lose. Big Marv Phil Davis def. Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 (Unanimous Decision, RD 3) Lynch and I seem to be on the same wave length here. At no point was Machida in any trouble during this fight, yet somehow he loses? Its like Pacquiao/Bradley all over again. Disappointment of the Year Lynch Alistair Overeem (UFC Heavyweight), 0-2 in 2013 2013 was supposed to be a breakout year for Overeem in the UFC. After sitting out all of 2012 due to getting popped for elevated levels of testosterone, the 33-year old Dutch heavyweight was a round away from earning himself a UFC Heavyweight title shot back at UFC 156. Instead the Blackzillians members overconfidence proved to be his downfall, as in the third round against Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva; he dropped his hands and suffered a knockout loss to the Brazilian. Overeem would follow that up with his second straight loss in a head-kick knockout loss to Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 26. Now facing Frank Mir next year at UFC 169, another loss could spill the end for Overeem career inside the UFC. JC Alistair Overeem (UFC Heavyweight), 0-2 in 2013....but hey hes drug free. Im happy we have this category. You cant hear my sarcasm, but Alistairs lack of honesty in the whole performance enhancing drug scandal had me livid. Blaming doctors, using his sick mother as a cover to not take a test. You name it, and in 2012, Overeem did it. So what is Karma like? Well its 0-2 in 2013 and losing the respect of fans and pundits around the MMA world. He looked lack luster and flat. For his reputation sake, I do hope he can turn it around in 2014. Big Marv Alistair Overeem (UFC Heavyweight), 0-2 in 2013 I would absolutely fawn over how awesome Overeem was when talking to fairweather MMA fans. Then he came to the UFC and suddenly I dont know what Im talking about anymore. I sincerely hope we see an Overeem on fire in 2014! Comeback Fighter of the Year Lynch Robbie Lawler (UFC Welterweight), 3-0 in 2013 Nobody in Mixed Martial Arts has had a resurgence in their career quite like Lawler did this past year. After losing his final Strikeforce bout against Lorenz Larkin in 2012, the 31-year old would be brought over to the UFC and made the smart decision to drop down to 170lbs. Facing a stiff opponent in his UFC return against former welterweight title challenger Josh Koscheck (UFC 157), the ATT product would finish the former TUF contestant in the first round. Lawler would follow that up with wins over Bobby Voelker (UFC on FOX 8) and Rory MacDonald (UFC 167). Because of current champ Georges St-Pierre taking a leave of absence, Lawler now faces Johny Hendricks for the vacant welterweight title. JC Robbie Lawler (UFC Welterweight), 3-0 in 2013 I had written Robbie off in Strikeforce. His weight cut to 170lbs was a thing of brilliance. He made short work of Josh Koscheck at UFC 157 with a first round knockout (at 3:57). Hes turned so many heads that at 31, Lawler will be fighting for the championship. I dont think Lawler could have beat GSP, the wrestling and control would have been too much. I do think he can out strike Johny Hendricks, and you know thats the direction this fight is going. Big Marv Vitor Belfort (UFC Middleweight) 3-0 in 2013 Vitor looks like hes 19 again. Hes really enjoyed finishing his opponents in 2013 by kicking them in the head. And these werent tomato cans either. Belfort knocked out TUF winner Michael Bisping, Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold and the un-knockout-able Dan Henderson. Breakthrough Fighter of the Year Lynch Matt Brown (UFC Welterweight) 2-0 in 2013 With finishes over Jordan Mein and Mike Pyle, Brown pushed his undefeated streak to six-straight. Unfortunately a back injury ousted the 32-year old from his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 9 this month, but likely would have earned a title shot with a win over the former interim welterweight champion. Considering he lost four of his last five fights at the end of 2011, the fact hes been so impressive since then has earned him this award. JC Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC Lightweight), 3-0 in 2013 Undefeated now at 21-0 (5-0 in the UFC) and took out top fighters Thiago Tavares, Abel Trujillo and Pat Healy all in 2013. Thats enough to get my vote! Big Marv TJ Grant (UFC Lightweight), 2-0 in 2013 In 2012 we said, "who is TJ Grant?" Now were saying, "when is he getting his title shot?" Disappointing Fighter Performance Of The Year Lynch Gray Maynard (UFC Lightweight), 0-2 in 2013, two first round KO lossesDespite a lackluster split-decision win in 2012 over Clay Guida, it seemed to many that Maynard would be back on the road to title contention in the 155lb division in 2013. Instead the TUF 5 contestant would lose back to back fights to the hands of TJ Grant and Nate Diaz, both first round knockout losses. Now the question isnt "is Maynard a title contender?", but instead "should the 34-year old be thinking retirement?" JC Ryan Jimmo (UFC Light Heavyweight), 1-2 in 2013 (including the most boring fight of the year at UFC 161) 2012 had Jimmo knocking out Anthony Perosh in seven seconds, the record fastest KO in UFC history. Coming out of the MFC with the hype of a natural born superstar and starting this new chapter of his career with a bang, Jimmo shocked the world with one lackluster performance after another. His fight with Igor Pokrajac was boring and disappointing at best. Jimmo has to be on his last legs with the UFC, Im hoping 2014 has a few performances worth watching. Love to see that robot dance again (not really). Big Marv Gray Maynard (UFC Lightweight), 0-2 in 2013, two first round KO lossesTotally Agree with Lynch here. What happened to Maynard? His chin seems weak and his wrestling is almost non-existent. Event of The Year Lynch UFC on FOX 7: Henderson vs. Melendez, April 20th 2013 Top to bottom, this free card on FOX delivered in a number of different ways. For starters, there were 11 finishes, with the only decisions being Daniel Cormier over Frank Mir and Francis Carmont over Lorenz Larkin. We saw a number of spectacular highlight reel knockouts from Josh Thomson, Yoel Romero, Joseph Benavidez and Miles Jury. The main event (while controversial) produced an entertaining battle between two of the top lightweights in Benson Henderson and Gilbert Melendez. JC UFC on FOX 7: Henderson vs. Melendez, April 20th 2013 There is no question, 2014 was a year full of solid events. But when you cap off 11 fights finished, and many with some flash and style, with a fight people will be talking about for years, youve got something special. If the UFC could recreate the energy more often, theyd secure themselves as a mainstream success. The fights had everything, including excitement start to finish for a new fan. Not to mention an absolute war between the Champ Benson Henderson and the Challenger Gilbert Melendez. Big Marv UFC on FOX 7: Henderson vs. Melendez, April 20th 2013 Again, I have to agree with Lynch. This was a fun card to watch and it was absolutely free! What are your year-end awards? Tweet us or leave your opinions in the comments section below. Also be sure to tune into the "Weigh-In" on TSN Radio 1290 Winnipeg every Saturday at 12:30pm ET as myself, Jordan and "Big Marv" Timog go toe to toe discussing the hottest topics in MMA. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Simon (10-3) allowed three runs on five hits and three walks in 6 1-3 innings to break a tie with the Dodgers Zack Greinke and Cardinals Adam Wainwright for the NL lead in victories. Simon went to spring training as a relief pitcher and moved into the starting rotation when Mat Latos was recovering from elbow and knee surgeries. NFL Jerseys China . There are some early surprises in the race for the Hart Trophy, but two of the contenders are the leagues biggest stars over the past decade. There are many more players in contention for the awards than just the three that Ive named, and a good or bad week can easily alter the landscape, but through the first 20 or so games of the NHL season, this is how the awards races look to me. . With the final four being arguably the four best – and most complete – teams from the regular season, picking a winner is not as easy as it sounds.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Kerry, As many have mentioned, Dan Carcillo can get three, 10 or 20 games for hitting linesman Scott Driscoll on Thursday night. Why such a range of suspendable games in the NHL rule book? Also, have you ever been hit by a player like Driscoll was last night? Or did someone come close? Jason,Markham, ON Jason: Its unacceptable and intolerable for a player, under any circumstance, to deliberately apply physical force in any manner against an official! Daniel Carcillo subjected himself to an automatic suspension under rule 40 when he crossed the line and clipped linesman Scott Driscoll with his elbow. Rule 40 is very specific and unique in that it provides authority for the referee (officials) to impose a player suspension; including a varied range of game numbers. The history of this rule is also unique and was implemented following a hard line taken by the NHLOA in 1982, when players that physically abused an official were given a mere slap on the wrist by the League. This is how it all transpired and as I documented in my book, The Final Call. In my second year in the league, there was more than a growing concern that player violence and disrespect against on-ice officials had escalated beyond anything that could be tolerated by the members of the NHLOA. Referee Andy Van Hellemond was the most high-profile target of player abuse, having been crosschecked in the back by Barclay Plager of the St. Louis Blues and then punched in the chest by Paul Holmgren of the Flyers. Van Hellemond, along with Dave Newell, president of the NHLOA, and legal counsel Jim Beatty, pulled NHL president John Ziegler away from the annual office Christmas party in Montreal on Dec. 23, 1981 in an attempt to convey how serious our concerns were. It was felt that if stronger suspensions were imposed, players would refrain from what had been taking place. The league seemed to prefer the status quo. Beatty then wrote a letter to the NHL, which he released to the media, advising that, because the officials feared that their safety was not being adequately provided for (as the league was obligated to do under the CBA) we would begin "working to rule." The letter clarified what that meant: if a fight broke out, the referee and two linesmen would retreat to the safety of the officials crease by the penalty box. When the combatants had finished fighting, they were to make their way to the penalty box and take their respective seats, at which time the referee would assess the appropriate penalties. This "work to rule" lasted one weekend only and quickly got the attention of the league. In my game in Winnipeg that weekend, Jets tough guy Bryan Maxwell fought an opponent behind the net under the big picture of the Queen. I blew my whistle and the linesmen and I went to the officials crease and waited. The punches eventually slow as the players looked for the officials to step in. When that didnt happen, they stopped fighting, picked up their gloves and sticks, and, obeying the commands of my waving arm, took their places in the penalty box for five minutes. By the time the weekend was over, the NHL agreed to act, and, to the satisfaction of the NHLOA, a "blue-ribbon committee" was created to discuss and implement changes. The panel consisted of general managers, coaches, referees, NHL executives and NHLPA Executive Director Alan Eagleson. The group was given the task of fashioning a rule change to take effect, subject to the board of governors approval, at the beginning of the 1982-83 season. Before the current season finished and the panel got to craft a new rule, Van Hellemond was punched again. This time, Terry OReilly hit him with a wicked right cross to the side of the head during a playoff game against the Quebec Nordiques on April 25 (OReilly was suspended for the first 10 games of the next season and fined $500). NFL Jerseys Supply. . After its deliberations, the blue-ribbon committee put forward a tough policy known as Rule 67. This rule called for an automatic 20-game suspension for any player who, "deliberately strikes, or who deliberately applies physical force in any manner against an official." It also specified an automatic three-game suspension for any player who "physically demeans" an official or who "deliberately applies physical force" to an official while being restrained during a fight with an opposing player. In both of these cases, the penalty and automatic suspension were to be imposed by the referee immediately after the game, and the player had no right of appeal! Conventional wisdom at the time was that due to the severity of the consequences there would never be another case of physical abuse against an official. That was until the night before Halloween 1983 when Tom Lysiak was playing for Chicago against Harford and he was ejected from a faceoff by linesman Ron Foyt. After the puck was dropped Lysiak skated through the faceoff circle and deliberately tripped Foyt from behind. The referee in the game, Dave Newell, suspended Lysiak for 20 games. All hell broke loose. Lysiak went to court and got a temporary injunction. Ultimately, the suspension stuck. Unfortunately, Ron Foyt was terminated at the end of the following season, in what many of us considered a case of retribution over the Lysiak affair. The rule evolved into what we now know as rule 40 to differentiate between varying degrees of physical abuse applied toward an official (There was wide gap between 20 and three games). Following the Lysiak court injunction, an appeal process was also added to provide the player with his "day in court." In this case, if Daniel Carcillo is suspended under rule 40 by the officials working the game Thursday night in NY, the League will hold a conference call with the NHLPA to review the Referees application of this rule, and will refrain from issuing public comment affirming the Referees application of Rule 40 until that call is complete. The player (or the officials) may request the Commissioner to review, subject to the provisions of this rule, the penalty imposed by the Referees (Must be filed in writing within 72 hours following notification of the penalty). A hearing will be conducted by the Commissioner on an expedited basis before the second game missed by the player due to the automatic suspension. For Category lll offenses only, the Commissioner may conduct the hearing by telephone. For Category I and ll offenses, the hearing shall be conducted in person. After any review, the Commissioner shall issue an order that: (i) sustaining the minimum suspension, or (ii) increasing the number of games within the category, or (iii) changing to a lower category, or (iv) changing to a lower category and increasing the number of games within this category, or (v) in the case of a Category lll suspension only, reducing the number of games of the suspension. Note rule 40.6 provides that in the event that the player has committed more than one offense under this rule, in addition to the penalties already imposed under this offense, his case shall be referred to the Commissioner of the League for consideration of supplementary disciplinary action. This would be Daniel Carcillos second violation of physical abuse of an official and while that would not have been taken into account by the officials last night, Commissioner Gary Bettman should already have this case moved to his desk. This column is already very lengthy Jason, so I will save player attacks that I personally endured for another time! Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '
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