Reason and solution of the warping of wpc floor

Reason and solution of the warping of wpc floor

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Solid wood flooring from Alice, will affect the room appearance, how do we deal with it? Look at the situation to deal with the various problems of wood flooring! First, the edge of solid wood flooring Alice, wood flooring lateral tilt up on both sides of the "concave" shape,WPC Wall Panel-Give You Different Beauty we commonly known as the floor from Alice. Solid wood flooring upturned the main reason is the damp sheet, resulting in solid wood flooring damp Qi Qiao direct reasons include: (1) building wall and floor water content is higher. (2) the process of paving the ground is not completely dry. (3) moisture-proof isolation measures are not in place, not completely blocking the invasion of water on the floor. (4) Including underground pipes, geothermal pipelines, due to indoor temperature difference caused by condensate.
(5) The bone itself is not completely dry wood. (6) artificial water in the floor cleaning process. Therefore, before we pavement, we should try to ensure that the ground and other auxiliary substrate drying, in particular, moisture-proof isolation measures to do in place, moisture-proof isolation layer should ensure that the overall seal. Solution: found that wood flooring damp, it should immediately open the floor around the room to play the role of casual tide,Anti-corrosion wood-plastic bench this can ease the degree of deformation. If the damp area is large, the degree of deformation is large, it is recommended to reorganize the base, dry and then re-paving the floor. Second, the gap between the solid wood flooring larger, solid wood flooring adjacent two floor tenon groove between the separation of the phenomenon of separation.
Solid wood flooring between the main reasons for greater seams, the plate suffered extreme dry environment, too much water loss, the floor between the tongue and groove phenomenon from the seam,Affordable garden pvc fence the direct reason is: (1) from the wet spring and summer into the relatively dry Of the fall and winter seasons, continuous abnormal dry weather is only a solid wood floor within the water to a large extent the income can not make ends meet. (2) direct sunlight exposure. (3) long open air conditioning, doors and windows closed, no moist air added. (4) pavement reserved for the gap between the larger floor, the gap encountered in the dry weather even more obvious. Encountered extreme dry weather, due to timely measures to take room moisture. Daily life should be avoided near the windowsill of the floor for a long time exposed to direct sunlight, long time to open the air conditioning, because attention to open the indoor humidifier at the same time.
If the gap due to pavement caused by a larger gap between the tongue and groove, you can consider re-paving solid wood flooring. Third, solid wood flooring soaking arch,High Quality Outdoor Composite Floor floor surface upward arch. Solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring damp in the same place, their difference is that the damp is a precursor to the arch is damp continued and developed. (1) continuous rainy weather and resurgence of the phenomenon, resulting in higher relative humidity in the air, the water absorption by the floor after the expansion. (2) water under the floor, the floor was flooded. (3) newly renovated houses without window ventilation, paint and cement evaporate a lot of moisture can not spread. (4) pavement reserved for the gap between the floor is too small to meet the normal expansion rate needs.
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