Treatment of raw materials of wood - plastic floor

Treatment of raw materials of wood - plastic floor

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<p>Suitable additives are needed to modify the surface of the polymer and wood flour to improve the interfacial affinity between the wood flour and the resin.<a href="">Waterproof WPC wall panel</a> The high dispersion of wood flour in the molten thermoplastic in the dispersion effect is poor, making the poor melt flow, extrusion processing difficulties,Balcony flooring decoration materials can be added to improve the flow of surface treatment agent to facilitate extrusion. Plastic matrix also need to add a variety of additives to improve its processing performance and the use of products performance.</p>

<p>Feeding process, fluffy wood powder structure, not easy to feed on the extruder screw, in particular, wood flour contains more water often appear "bridge" and "pole" phenomenon.<a href="">Anticorrosive WPC flooring</a> Instability of the feedstock results in crowding-out fluctuations, resulting in reduced extrusion quality and yield. Feed interruption, the material in the barrel to stay longer,durable patio decking resulting in material charred discoloration, the impact of the inherent quality and appearance of products. The use of forced feeding device and a reasonable way to ensure the stability of extrusion.</p>

<p>Processing of the exhaust,<a href="">laminate wpc flooring</a> wood powder in the small molecules with volatile substances and moisture can easily bring defects for the products, and pre-treatment can not completely remove them. So the wood-plastic composite extruder exhaust system design than ordinary plastic extruder give more attention, if necessary, can be multi-stage exhaust.outdoor decking To a large extent, the better the exhaust, the better the quality of extruded products.</p>
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