Asphalt pavement filling

Asphalt pavement filling

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<p>Slot is optional pouring asphalt pouring glue for pavement cracks after notching perfusion fill seal, typically through a mechanical process for mandatory pavement cracks cut,Anti rain series asphalt patching equipment so that the road widening cracks deepen and perfusion pouring glue for pavement cracks potting. Many cracks in the early stages there is no need to deal with slotted process (such as a new repair pavement cracks appeared, and crack width smaller, irregular cracks, etc.), most cracks are irregular cracks, and the main crack cracks and surrounded by tiny capillary cracks,Hot Applied Rubberized Asphalt Membrane this method due to the mechanical cutting of pavement cracks mandatory itself is secondary to irregular pavement cracks and small cracks and hairline cracks damage.</p>
<p>After a year at both ends of pavement cracks extending new pavement cracks, pouring glue with aging, and the water surrounding the small crack crack crack had led to a road pavement crack into a two or even more than, likely to cause water seepage, slurry pump,Resistance High temperature pavement maintenance machine bite edge (crack width after notching generally 1.5CM 1.8CM depth is generally beginning to decline pavement bearing capacity) pits and other pavement disease. (Due to the pavement after notching crack width depth increase, the use of potting high temperature is generally about 180 ℃) use of materials also increased environmentally unfriendly consume large amounts of energy.</p>
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