The Problems in the Development of

The Problems in the Development of

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The key technology of plastic material manufacturing is how to ensure the high filling amount of rice husk powder, so that the filling amount of rice hull powder is as high as 80% to 90% in order to achieve low production cost and high use performance.Colorful wood-plastic floor As a high amount of filling in the premise of how to ensure that the material has a high flow and permeability so as to promote the thermoplastic melts can be fully bonded rice husk powder to achieve the common mechanical properties and other aspects of the use of performance.
Mainly to solve the following aspects: raw materials (plastic, rice husk powder type) choice and how to improve the interface between the plastic and rice husk powder binding.Cheap outdoor decking Because the two-phase composite interface tends to be a stress concentration area, the key to improve the mechanical properties of the composite is to improve the interface compatibility. Molding Equipment and Forming Process of the Products - How to Improve the Ability of Blending Rice Husk Powder in the System and Establish the Sufficient Molding Pressure.Cheap outdoor flooring Forming mold design and cooling shaping technology - product quality and yield of the key factors.
Research and Application of Wood-Plastic Composites Since the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO), strict quarantine system (WTO / SPS Agreement) has been applied to the import and export of packaged goods.durable outdoor wall panel In 1998, the export of wood packaging, "Tianniu Incident" and the protection of forests, returning farmland to forests and other environmental policy implementation, to further accelerate the development of China's wood-plastic composite materials and applications.
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