The development of wood - plastic floor

The development of wood - plastic floor

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<p>The development of WPC is the use of wood fiber (or plant fiber) filled, enhanced,<a href="">Cheap outdoor decking</a> modified thermoplastic materials, both wood and plastic properties of the many advantages, by extrusion (or compression) molding for the profiles,Environmentally wood-plastic materials sheet metal or Other products, alternative wood and plastic applications.</p>

<p>Manufacturing At present, the world's wood-plastic composite materials manufacturing mainly using extrusion molding production process.<a href="">swimming pool decking</a> The wood powder and the molten resin are mixed and extruded. Its main production equipment for the extrusion machine, there are two commonly used: one is high-speed, high energy consumption,WPC installation "Compounding" type with the parallel twin-screw extruder. It can be directly processed wood powder (or plant fiber) to complete the drying and melting of wood powder. It can be used as a screw, Of the resin mixture and then continuous extrusion.</p>

<p>Another type of equipment is an anisotropic twin-screw extruder, commonly known as a low-speed, low-energy "profile" type of equipment, a non-modular screw.wpc wall panel Compared with the general conical twin-screw machine, the screw is designed to meet the needs of wide processing range, less cutting effect of wood fiber, resin can be evenly dispersed. As the proportion of small wood flour, filling a large amount of feeding area than the conventional model to be larger, longer. If the wood flour (plant fiber) to join a large amount of molten resin rigidity, but also requires high-back pressure gear box, the measurement section of the short screw to ensure that the wood fiber residence time is short,<a href="">outdoor balcony flooring</a> to prevent its fracture and degradation.</p>
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