laminate flooring production

laminate flooring production

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Whether the infringement at present difficult to draw a conclusion of Holland Unilin company and three American companies said earlier this month, there are 17 Chinese floor enterprises composite floor boards for boat and 13 overseas companies violated its intellectual property requirements of ITC flooring, according to section 337th of the US Tariff Act of investigation, take corresponding measures to 30 production enterprises illegal sales.

According to the Chinese Forestry Industry Association insiders, Holland Unilin company has filed a number of patents in floor lock at home and abroad, has applied for 10 patents,outdoor porch floor systems patent litigation has 3, mainly for the laminate flooring production enterprises. China Wood Circulation Association, vice president of the Specialized Committee, said Yang Meixin, "337 clause" is more powerful than the anti-dumping. Anti dumping in the imposition of punitive tariffs after the enterprise can also export;

and "337" is to prevent the export of enterprises. Beijing Bei Xiang Intellectual Property Agency Limited staff Huo Tingxi said, "337 terms" is divided into comprehensive exclusion and limited exclusion,wood deck chairs wholesale Chalcis exclusion is the comprehensive ban all floor export enterprises, but only for the limited exclusion companies surveyed, the specific manner in which to take to ITC announced.
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