How to choose the floor suitable for children's room?

How to choose the floor suitable for children's room?

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If we choose a comfortable floor, is not the home more comfortable and warm it?outdoor pvc composite panel Especially the baby's family, our young mothers are to choose what kind of flooring and tangle of trouble? In fact, wood flooring is a good choice, then how do we pick out the environmental protection of the floor it?

"We are renovating our new home, but we do not know how to choose a safe and suitable children's room wood floor." non slip stair treads for compositeWhen the baby teeth to leave the cradle, the floor first became their favorite place. They like to sit on the floor, climbing, lying. Formaldehyde is often hiding in the floor, the baby from the ground closer, it means that the closer the distance from formaldehyde. Therefore, parents in the choice of children's room wood floor to be particularly careful. It is understood that 1.5 meters away from the ground within the air layer, formaldehyde content accounted for more than 80% of the total indoor formaldehyde. At the same time, children in the growth and development period, respiration than adults, 50% higher, so inhaled formaldehyde containing air than adults. Therefore, in the home decoration to the scientific and rational choice of ground materials.

Reporters visited the wood flooring market found that the current market,budget friendly white picket fence the three commonly used ground materials: solid wood flooring, wood-based panels, stone tiles, there are different degrees of indoor environmental pollution, wood-based panel material caused by indoor environment Formaldehyde pollution factors more, if the prevention of formaldehyde pollution should pay attention to choice. Solid wood flooring paint volatile organic compounds and benzene pollution, tile-type radioactive contamination of materials should also be noted. In addition, children's room floor decoration, there are some details to note. Wood floor business for many years, Wang Tian told reporters that the wood floor material should have a warm touch, and easy to clean, can not have rugged patterns, seams, as any accidentally fall into the joints of these concave Small things may become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these bumps and cracks are also easy to stumble over the toddler. Secondly, if the flooring material is too hard for the children in terms of climbing will feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, the floor should be more flexible, and better anti-skid performance.

Parents do not pave the best plastic flooring,why are composite board regarded as market drivers the market some of the foam plastic products such as the floor puzzle, will release a large number of volatile organic substances, affecting their health. However, the wooden floor we have to cherish the heart, to make it perfect to maintain long-term change.
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