What kind of wood is good?

What kind of wood is good?

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<p>Solid wood flooring is currently the most hot floor in the industry a class of flooring, home improvement in many of the floor selection will choose solid wood flooring, but there are many kinds of solid wood flooring material, then what kind of solid wood flooring is good? Now people living in the city, more and more sought after natural wind, solid wood furniture has become this part of the first choice of people installed, the general solid wood flooring in solid wood furniture, the proportion of choice is relatively large, but the face of the market Solid wood flooring on a variety of materials, consumers are always do not know how to choose the material of the solid wood flooring, following along with Xiao Bian to see what kind of solid wood flooring good? What kind of solid wood flooring wood?</p>

<p> We understand the kind of solid wood flooring is good, first to talk about what kind of solid wood flooring wood. Generally speaking, we are talking about wood flooring wood is mainly teak, peach core wood, walnut Sorbus wood, ash, mahogany, northeast elm, eucalyptus, camphor wood, basswood, birch, wood, beech, cherry, cedar , Yew, pine, pineapple, walnut, oak, yellow Schima, Melia azedarach, red, jujube and so on. Several common wood floor wood introduction, the first: beech wood is generally relatively hard, and its wood texture is very beautiful, clear, the density is also very good. In general it is the wood material defects few other wood lumps and the like is basically no, in some floor manufacturers where the manufacture of beech flooring are not painted, let it remain .</p>

<p>The original wood color and wood grain, very beautiful and beautiful. Cherry wood, cherry wood in the Burmese cherry wood is better, Burmese cherry wood texture more straight, very uniform in the color of wood, its flaw is that it is the nature of the wood color too deep reddish , So that it can only be used in some Chinese-style home decoration. The third paragraph: Gamba, Gamba solid wood flooring wood used by the origin of more, and this led to its uneven texture, with a certain gap in its construction and manufacturing is no special Requirements, but one thing to consider is the characteristics of the wood itself, at this point Xiaobian recommended the use of floor paint on the choice of crystal floor paint or semi-matte floor paint. </p>

<p>Wood flooring maintenance First, the solid wood flooring daily maintenance precautions, 1. Clean semi-dry mop. If the home air dry, mop some wet or put a pot of water in the heating or humidifier humidifier. 2. After laying, timely waxing. In the usual use of the process, once every 3 months to waxing. In fact, can not fight, but often waxing, can maintain the floor finish, to extend the life of solid wood flooring. 3. Avoid the floor with a lot of water contact; avoid acidic, alkaline liquid wipe, so as not to undermine the surface finish of the floor finish. 4. Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or directly placed too hot things, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture. 5. Board in use, if found from the individual floor or shell off, should be promptly picked up the floor, shovel to the old plastic and gray, coated with new plastic compaction. Once a month to play wax is the best maintenance, but before the wax and water to wipe clean the stains.</p>

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