Reconstruction of the old road impact rolling

Reconstruction of the old road impact rolling

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This chapter divides the old gravel road surface, the old asphalt pavement's impact rolling and the old cement concrete pavement's impact rolling two parts.
The purpose, function and requirements of the old asphalt pavement and the old asphalt pavement are put forward.
For the impact of old cement concrete pavement rolling, put forward the impact of the old cement pavement of the purpose, role, stamping control standards, construction technology and other content, which stamping control standards are mainly cement board crushing degree of settlement, These specific indicators mainly through the relevant engineering experience and the results of research and concluded.
Construction quality management
The construction quality control of impact rolling is the most prominent problem in the application of impact rolling technology, and the testing index and evaluation method of impact rolling effect are not completely unified at present.
For the new road, the impact of gravel (asphalt) pavement quality management, "Guide" to the construction process, the settlement of the main indicators of control, combined with the degree of compaction and other indicators to control. As the impact of the thick compaction roller, compaction testing time-consuming and laborious, test results discrete. Settlement detection is convenient and can reflect the compaction effect intuitively. Therefore, for the impact of rolling quality control, paving the road in the test, based on the emphasis on the construction technology and settlement control. The specific control value for the settlement of the soil, the application of different areas can be determined according to the results of the test road.
The construction quality control of the old cement concrete pavement is mainly controlled by the construction process and the fragmentation index, combined with the settlement and deflection.
Reinforcement of roadbed pressure is the vibration compaction to meet the design (specification) requirements. In order to further improve the density and uniformity of the roadbed, reduce post-construction settlement and differential settlement of additional impact rolling. Sometimes in order to test the quality of roadbed compaction, found weak links, and its reinforcement, can be called detection of pressure.
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