Consumption of steel furniture material priority to guard ag

Consumption of steel furniture material priority to guard ag

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<p>Steel furniture divided into three categories</p>
<p>There are three main steel furniture, steel and wood furniture, steel and leather furniture and steel furniture.</p>
<p>Among them, the combination of steel and wood furniture, the earliest time, the use of materials generally include steel, sheet metal, glass panels and surface decoration materials, coatings, adhesives.</p>
<p>High-end products using better steel, is a domestic A-grade high-frequency welded pipe, the average wall thickness of 1.2 mm -1.5 mm. Poor quality products and imitations to use more low-cost rusty steel pipe and even iron pipe, the degree of hardness and smooth enough to directly reduce the product support and aesthetics.</p>
<p>Steel leather furniture with environmentally friendly leather clad sheet finishes, wear resistance, good softness, elasticity, tensile strength, not fade, leather thickness of 1.5 mm.</p>
<p>All-steel furniture materials are also different, the market is mainly sold Caigang, polishing, chrome and steel wire drawing and so on. Among them, polished, chrome-plated steel furniture, the most common, color steel and stainless steel wire drawing the most favored by consumers.</p>
<p>Stainless steel in two models</p>
<p>At present, for household products of stainless steel materials are mainly 201 and 304 two models, both in function and price are very different.
First of all, the two types of stainless steel in the different content of nickel, 201 stainless steel carbon content than the 304 stainless steel high, and thus more hard, more brittle, toughness less than 304 stainless steel and corrosion resistance, acid resistance is relatively inferior. Second, with a hard knife in the 201 stainless steel surface zoned, generally leave obvious traces, and in the 304 stainless steel on the plan, the traces are not very obvious. </p><p>Because the 201 stainless steel contains manganese, its long time in the wet or high salt air easily rust, 304 stainless steel will not rust.
General consumers how to distinguish between these two types of material? It is understood that the market has a test syrup, as long as the drop on the stainless steel, you can distinguish in a few seconds which model is more convenient and reliable. The principle of the test is to determine the type of stainless steel by observing the chemical reactions that occur after contact with the stainless steel material.</p>
<P>Beware of true steel change "pseudo-steel"</P>
<P>Many consumers choose to buy steel furniture is environmentally friendly, but they are in the purchase, easy to ignore the business with the door panel, table and other key parts of the material, resulting in the actual product was a fraud, the steel furniture into a " steel".</P>
<p>To cabinet, for example, if for environmental protection, consumers buy cabinets table and hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, partitions and so should be stainless steel, but because of the manufacture of stainless steel furniture, plate thickness is generally 0.8 mm, if used Do table or partition, panel, its strength is not enough. Especially the table, if the single-use steel, the pressure will be a slight depression. To solve this problem, the cabinet business is usually the practice is included in the two layers of stainless steel sheet, but this approach is equivalent to steel furniture into steel and wood furniture, its environmental protection is much worse.</p>
<p>Consumers if you want to avoid such problems, should be signed with the business contract, agreed to use stone countertops, or require the table to join the steel lining, to prevent businesses in which mixed with sheet.</p>
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