five etiology and eradication

five etiology and eradication

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<p>maintenance of solid wood flooring why crack how to solve? Solid wood flooring laying quality acceptance of national standards to guide the solid wood floor ring five etiology and eradication methodMost of the health of the home by the women in the cleaning, especially those housewives, every day around the floor, children, the kitchen turn, for the three-turn woman, the most annoying is the floor clean. Sanitary cleaning itself is tiring to live, coupled with the current man will not be considerate, you break the <p>
<p>heart of the home, but people suspected of you that you too. Since women can not get rid of the housework, then find a simple way, there are a few small series on the floor cleaning methods, housewives may wish to refer to the next. Clean the floor Method 1: Candles will be left with candles to accumulate the remaining, when collected to a certain amount, it is chopped to remove the wick, called the amount, adding the same amount of turpentine in the wax, placed in cold water Boil in the water to boil, so that <p>
<p>the candle melting, stirring and pour into the tank cooling standby. In order to make the floor easy and effortless, the floor wax can be slightly heated before use. Clean the floor Method 2: self-made lotion in the cauldron in the soft soap, bleached earth, soda, 450 grams and 2270 ml of water to fully mix them boil and boil half the original volume, and then cooled and stored in the tank In the spare. Brush the floor with a hard brush to clean the stains on the floor, usually along the floor texture brush, and then <p>
<p>plastic or composite cladding<br />
deck tiles for bathroom<br />
vinyl teak and holly</p>
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