contain some floor

contain some floor

Postautor: harden » 10 lis 2016, o 13:38

If floor quality is bad, juncture is not quite close together, the formaldehyde that releases is much, inhaling formaldehyde gas will inevitably endanger human body health.the best material of floor Zhi-hua gao warns customer, do not believe manufacturer "zero - formaldehyde". Now some manufacturers for their products with "E0" sign, declared that "products do not contain formaldehyde.

Zero - formaldehyde is impossible,how much will contain some floor, the key lies in its content is more than the national standard. Compound wood floor market brand many, Pretty verandah railing Albania price confusion at present, many consumers as the primary standard of choosing the price, but in fact, when the choose and buy the most important is to consider the quality of products and environmental protection. Look to see the product specification or test report, select the best supporting services, floor of wood of the brand of quality is stable, don't be misled by some ads.

Zhi-hua gao also teach consumers a simple small method of distinguish whether formaldehyde exceeds bid, will open a new section, wood sawing smell carefully look,non slip hardwood floor solution if there is a pungent taste or feel dazzling, belong to formaldehyde to exceed bid of unqualified products, we can confirm the opposite is environmental protection product.
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