ceramic tile and wood flooring

ceramic tile and wood flooring

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o the floor to warm the environment is mainly ceramic tile and wood flooring. But the tile surface is smooth, Jiaogan cold hard, home experience is not high; laminate flooring and parquet is closer to the feeling of home experience, but both belong to industrial products, containing chemical composition of formaldehyde, in the cold season , Indoor ventilation is poor,At present, China's solid wood flooring homogenization of serious, quality fish, market prices led to fierce competition, the value of solid wood flooring itself is seriously reduced, solid wood flooring market into a competitive cycle. As a result of solid wood flooring prices vicious competition led to lower profits of solid wood flooring, service quality can not improve, making the solid wood floor, word of mouth declining. In recent yea

rs, the domestic flooring market is very popular, the market competition is also very intense. Although the current demand for solid wood flooring has slowed, prices fluctuated, but the overall trend showed steady upward trend. Resulting in solid wood flooring demand slowdown, price fluctuations, the overall steady rise in the situation there are two main factors: 1: raw material prices stabilized, solid wood flooring turnover to steady. Since March 2011, the timber market prices are relatively stable, solid wood flooring turnover increased significantly, the market demand exuberant scene. Starting in April, sales of solid wood flooring is very strong, coupled with the promotion of major festivals, this sales momentum has continued. Second: solid wood flooring with its own good flexibility, c

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