Application of Composites

Application of Composites

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<p>Like aluminum-plastic composite materials,<a href="">outdoor balcony flooring</a> North America is the world's largest amount of wood-plastic composite materials in the region. US PricipiaPartners company pointed out that in 2001 the North American market alone amounted to 320,000 tons, is expected to be in 2005 than in 2001 to double the amount, including plate (including platforms, boards, platforms, pads),WPC fence packaging and the combination of pad Pallet consumption accounted for more than 60% of total consumption.</p>

<p>In addition, decorative materials such as wall panels,<a href="">outdoor composite decking</a> ceilings, decorative panels, treads, wall panels, noise partitions, seaside flooring, building templates, moisture-proof plate can use wood-plastic composite sheet. Can also be used for decorative borders, fences and courtyard handrails and furniture, cabin partition, office partitions, storage boxes,outdoor fence Dealer flower boxes, activities, such as shutters.</p>

<p>US Strandex company pointed out that the wood-plastic composite materials is environmentally friendly green materials,<a href="">Outdoor wall panel</a> although the amount of the current European small, but because the processing plant worried about the European Union will be effective in the form of regulations to limit PVC, PVC window frames instead of PVC window Boxes are huge markets and opportunities. Therefore, experts believe that wood and plastic products to replace PVC and other plastic products,wood-plastic composite decking plastic products will be like before and aluminum-plastic composite materials as fast growth, broad application prospects.</p>
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