the flooring industry suffered

the flooring industry suffered

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ies, in a high degree of homogeneity of products, marketing imitate each other, re-marketing services under the premise of light, the competition can be imagined. Market Analysis 4: 2011 by the appreciation of the renminbi, the flooring industry suffered anti-dumping and countervailing investigations and other factors, will directly lead to a lot of export-oriented wood flooring companies to domestic sales, the domestic market competition will be fierce than in previous years. Market analysis 5: 2011 by the state property market regulation and control policy is the most stringent control policy, from the current situation, the state has not up to the goal of not give up the trend. Can be expected in 2011 will be more stringent regulation, which will directly lead to shrinking real estate transactions. N

ow the major cities in the price is no market price, low transaction volume. Especially second-hand housing transaction volume is lower, this situation will directly affect the market downstream building materials industry, the flooring industry will not be spared. Comprehensive analysis of the above factors in 2011 will be the most difficult wood flooring business year, and the status of the flooring industry has decided this year will be brutal competition brand cleaning start. Now China's wood flooring market is a giant of the production capacity, brand dwarf. The current floor brand is not a true sense of the big, its market share does not have a more than 10%, which is caused by the concept of floor business operators. Deserted situation is the real estate purchase environment is clearly ref

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