choose geothermal floor

choose geothermal floor

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When installation, the surface temperature shall be maintained at about 18 ��. Before installation, to the cement floor heats up, every day by 5 ��, until reached the standard of 18 �� or so. Can't heat up too fast, too fast, outdoor PVC fencedistortion may occur due to the expansion cracking phenomenon.

Again after a long period of time to enable the geothermal heating system, also want to like the first time to use, in accordance with the heating temperature programmed. Second, the surface temperature is not too high to pay attention to, the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not be more than 28 ��, and water temperature should not exceed 45 ��, if more than the temperature, can affect the service life of the floor and use cycle Installation of wood-plastic pavilion.

The average family, winter room temperature reached 22 �� or so, has been very comfortable, normal temperature,High Quality Outdoor Composite Floor will not affect the use of geothermal floor. Third, close the geothermal system, pay attention to cool to gradually as the season goes on, when the weather is warm, indoor when no longer need to geothermal heating system, we should pay attention to close the geothermal system also should have a process, the cooling process of the floor also want to step by step, do not drop, if too fast cooling speed, will also affect the service life of the floor.
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