Hydraulic vibration system

Hydraulic vibration system

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Double-drum roller hydraulic vibration system is composed of a swashplate-type axial piston pump and swashplate axial piston motor in series composed of closed loop (see schematic diagram), the system integrates the function of the valve block and its functions and Hydraulic drive system is similar to this no longer repeat.
System by operating the vibration pump servo solenoid valve, can make the vibration pump swashplate has two different swing angle, so that the vibration pump output in different directions and flow of hydraulic oil, so that the vibration motor to produce different rotation and speed , Driving the vibration wheel to achieve two different frequencies and amplitude of vibration, adjust the vibration pump servo cylinder on the displacement limit screw can adjust the pump output flow, thereby adjusting the vibration frequency of the vibration wheel.
In the double-drum vibratory roller to meet the needs of road compaction, before and after the wheel through the control of the vibration valve can realize the front wheel single vibration, single rear vibration and front and rear wheel vibration three working conditions; vibration valve mainly by the valve body , A cartridge type electromagnetic reversing valve, a flushing valve and a one-way charge-up relief valve, wherein the cartridge type electromagnetic reversing valve controls the on-off of the main oil circuit to realize separate vibration of the front and rear wheels, The low pressure side of the hydraulic oil to wash out part of the tank, and one-way charge valve to maintain the vibration system with the main hydraulic oil exchange, one-way charge relief valve to prevent vibration motor overload and suction.
3. Hydraulic steering system
The hydraulic steering system consists of steering gear pump, full hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder, crab cylinder, priority valve and so on. The maximum working pressure of the system is 140bar.
Steering system work, gear pump output hydraulic oil priority valve to the full hydraulic steering gear, through the steering gear metering and distribution into the steering cylinder to achieve articulated hinges to achieve steering, steering steering port LS pressure oil to promote the priority valve Valve, the system into the crab line prepared state, such as crab line valve does not move, the hydraulic oil will go through the H-type median function of the electromagnetic valve directly into the hydraulic tank to achieve system unloading, such as crab line valve action, hydraulic The oil will push the crab line
6. Cylinder line cylinder 7. Hydraulic lock 8. Crab line control valve 9. Priority valve 10. Gear pump
Priority Valve: When a quantitative pump to a number of work actuators supply pressure oil, the need to give priority to ensure that steering. The role of priority valve and load-sensitive steering gear with the use of priority to ensure that steering oil.
When not turning, the load-sensitive diverter is centered. CF port to establish its high pressure, which will push the valve priority valve to the left, the oil flow from the EF to the other implementing agencies or fuel tank to go. Once the steering, the steering load of the oil-sensitive road immediately establish the pressure, coupled with the role of the spring, the valve will push the right side of the oil priority to the steering system.
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