Soft furniture, darling leather stainless steel "on the same

Soft furniture, darling leather stainless steel "on the same

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<p>Software furniture increasingly popular
This year's soft leather bed more popular Italian imported materials, cloth soft bed is the use of imported cotton and velvet texture of the fabric, independent spring, latex mattress, sofa is solid wood frame, leather, fabric with. Soft furniture to promote leather materials, fabrics and other fabrics mix and match, coupled with the layout of the software home are designed by the designer, bringing distinctive freshness.</p>
<p>Currently on the market there are some brand products, the style is young and stylish, simple and neat, positioning is a young crowd. According to the survey, so far, in addition to classical Chinese furniture, the Chinese modern furniture, European furniture, soft furniture, occupy a major role. - Pibu combined with budding.</p>
<P>Flannel sofa soft and delicate, there is an increasing trend of varieties, such as corduroy, suede have.</P>
<p>Pibu with fabric products is novel and dirty, such products have come to the <p>forefront of consumer trends. Such products mainly in the backrest handrails and other dirty but easy to pick and wash place is the skin, and other intimate contact with the body and easy washable place is cloth, leather cloth with the same color.</p>
<P>Leather, cloth, jewelry has gradually become the main role of home.</P>
<P>Dermal stimulation of stainless steel tenderness
Stainless steel and leather with a sofa and chairs before rare. Common stainless steel spraying and polishing process, a simple curve outlined by the line highlights the value of stainless steel, and the twist, and then with a simple combination with the leather to make the original chilled stainless steel material Dunsheng infinite tenderness, Making it a perfect work of art.
But also a more thorough design, completely abandon the stainless steel plating, spraying or polishing the backward technology, entirely by exquisite handmade, made of stainless steel wire drawing style, matched with leather or leather weaving, is the perfect modern minimalist style furniture.</P>
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