specific methods are the following

specific methods are the following

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<p>amount of formaldehyde reacted with these plants is very limited, and is not sufficient to make the indoor pollution situation be significantly improved. Method 6: perfume, air freshener Recommendation: full use of flavor to cover the taste of formaldehyde, and can not fundamentally in addition to formaldehyde. And even some low-grade flavor will increase the harm to people's respiratory tract, resulting in secondary pollution. In addition to this method is not recommended in addition to formaldehyde.Winter cold, some <p>
<p>construction processes should not be in the winter construction, many owners want to be completed by the year, for new homes. Then the winter decoration of the attention to those matters? Below for everyone to mention 7 points winter decoration recommendations to help you perfect the winter decoration. In accordance with the <p>
<p>principle of thermal expansion and contraction, winter construction should pay attention to leaving the appropriate gap. winter construction should not be too small to avoid the summer door tight, can not switch freely. (2) shop solid wood flooring, the surrounding should be set aside about 2 mm of expansion joints, otherwise it will cause the drum, floating phenomenon. (3) to do furniture, the need to set aside about 0.1 mm interface seam, to avoid deformation. (4) for different materials due to different shrinkage <p>
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