Wpc flooring paving small details

Wpc flooring paving small details

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Paving wpc flooring is the key to consider when we decorate the link, a good ground decoration out of a better material, but also need good treatment and construction techniques, Corrosion-resistant Balcony WPC Fence careful after-construction maintenance is also necessary. Xiaobian teach you the following four strokes to help you lay out at home under the foot of the beauty. Good wpc flooring affixed to the most important preparation is necessary.
The so-called everything is difficult, paving good flooring, in addition to a good material, but also strictly regulate the construction process, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to the floor pavement construction preparation work , Do the preliminary work, lay a solid foundation, to be able to make a good ground decoration. Good pre-installation planning: carefully selected installation time and environment,How To Choose High Quality WPC Floor the floor of the material is natural wpc, the environmental temperature and humidity requirements are higher. Therefore, in the installation before the time and temperature to make arrangements for the environment. General flooring paving temperature between 16 ℃ to 30 ℃ is more suitable, this will enable the wpc floor to maintain the best in the natural state. From the season, the spring and autumn season is more appropriate than the summer and winter. In the 24 hours a day, try to avoid the noon and evening construction, preferably in the afternoon after construction.
Good preparation of the material: Paving good floor protection. Flooring materials, including material storage and maintenance, coated with moisture-proof protective paint. The floor is not bought back can be directly paving, flooring materials in the pavement should be stored at room temperature for two days before laying. In order to better moisture, the floor should be stored in a cool dry place, and protected with plastic film. Note, has been on the tide of the floor more easily moldy, life will be greatly reduced, can not dry and then. In addition,High performance outdoor decking price the need to deal with the need to deal with the floor in order to lay down before even a moisture-proof treatment. In the back of the floor coated with a layer of moisture protection paint to prevent the paving of the ground moisture affect the floor, resulting in the situation of hollowing the floor. Good ground handling: paving good flooring, in addition to the material handling, pavement before the ground handling is also very critical. The floor should be clean before installation.
If it is second-hand housing paving the floor, you can thinly brush a layer of thin cement before the shop, remove the floor of the mold gas and stains, dry with cement after moisture treatment, so the effect of the floor paving will be better. wpc flooring pavement stresses the construction of small attention to the details of the laying of a good key to the floor or paving technology, with high quality flooring but also pay attention to the details of the construction,Theme Parks cheap garden decking the following small series of paving with parquet as an example to share the floor paving construction detail. To ensure that the floor paving: mats to lay firmly to the mat is a wpcen floor and the gap between the floor, it is mainly in the laying of the floor moisture and balance the role of more types of mats, such as aluminum mats, Special plastic mats, paper mats and so on. Need to choose according to their actual situation the type of mat. In the laying of mats should pay attention to, mats must be paved smooth, can not have hollowing; and mats must be affixed firmly with the ground, should not only glue around the mat in the glue, it will seriously affect the ground moisture Features
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