Multi-type combination of bamboo flooring

Multi-type combination of bamboo flooring

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At present, the United States Target company has signed the product underwriting contract. Environmental protection multi-type combination of bamboo flooring, Youxi County is the three constant Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. commitment by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Forestry Institute, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Youxi County Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Center experts jointly developed successful and innovative Domestic and foreign modern floor of the blank.wood plastic flooring
They make full use of Youxi County, rich in bamboo resources, take the road of research and production, integrated at home and abroad bamboo strength, wear resistance, texture straight, clear and beautiful, and bright color and texture and other advantages of rigid , Using the panel and the floor plate to match the tensile stress, board warpage, diagonal error less.Wood plastic deck tiles
After years of research and development, to overcome the molding and connecting pieces, the first of the density, as well as uniform, beautiful and other difficulties, a success. It is understood that each section of bamboo can increase a piece of bamboo, each bamboo material up to 1.50 yuan -2. 00 yuan to improve the utilization of bamboo, the bamboo can save more than 30 million.outdoor decking board
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