Low price wood composite decking

Low price wood composite decking

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Home if you are ready to install the warm, then the choice of the floor should consider the place.composite panel manufacturing japan But many people have such doubts. How to select the real warm floor? Xiao Bian share their experiences today, I hope to help you to provide users.

1. Formaldehyde must be much lower than ordinary flooring

Formaldehyde is the cheapest dilution of various gels and paints, and the current chemical technology has been able to produce formaldehyde-free products,anchor garden decking edging but the price is higher. National flooring standard provisions of the ordinary floor of the formaldehyde content of E1 level <= 1.5mg / L. But the higher the temperature, the greater the release of formaldehyde. So to warm the floor should be no formaldehyde in order to ensure the health of consumers. But that is not impossible. Because the natural logs also contain a small amount of formaldehyde, but their content is very small, will not cause harm to the human body.

2. The floor should be kept as close as possible to the floor

Flooring in China is currently the main method of floating, this method is to lay a floor in the ground floor mats and then shop on the floor in order to address the sound of the floor with the ground attack.8x4 lumber fence prices Suspension method in conjunction with the ground to produce a layer of air layer, air thermal conductivity is very poor. But the suspension method is still significantly better than the keel installation, the connection with the ground more closely.

3. Use multi-layer solid wood flooring

Ground heating surface temperature is about 30 ��, to achieve long-term deformation at this temperature is not the size of the floor should not be too large,best waterproof flooring for sale in Sander Vicat the smaller the size of the stability of the better. And the texture of the wood should be from the cross-staggered, had to be multi-staggered. So it is best to do layer of solid wood flooring, this floor in the pavement do not have to stay in the expansion joints, the heat of the telescopic tension will offset each other within the floor.

4. The floor surface of the paint need to have strong adhesion

1. The expansion and contraction of paint on the floor is different from that of wood. Paint small. Large wood. In the case of high temperature will be more obvious, until the crack, fall off. Paint adhesion is essential, according to experience the thicker the paint adhesion is worse.
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