Outdoor leisure chair quality?

Outdoor leisure chair quality?

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<p>Leisure chairs give us unlimited comfort, stylish home life to enjoy. Simple and bright lines give full play to the connotation of human nature. Quiet to far, faint incense, warm and enjoy the fashion, like a lyric. ? Indoor leisure chair? Material, the indoor leisure chairs and more to cortex, stainless steel, plastic, modeling changeable and creative, bright color and bright. In general, the indoor leisure chair to family, indoor public places for the place, for the individual or more people to provide comfortable leisure sit-dependent furniture.</p>

<p> 1, functional and diverse, can be placed in the family or other indoor places, single or multi-seat, some leisure chairs also provide bed function;? 2, beautiful visual effects and environmental coordination, modeling creative highlight the theme; 4, the material can not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean. 4, the material can not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean. Structural parts must be sturdy and reliable, in normal use without structural problems. Outdoor leisure chair material point of view, the outdoor leisure chair because of its environment for outdoor, so the material optional narrow. More to Marble, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel and other materials based. (Sun UV, wind and rain corrosion, man-made destruction, etc.), it must require regular maintenance and refurbishment of the public places, such as parks, communities, roadside and other public places, so its high exposure and high damage.</p>

<p> Because of the special nature of outdoor use, the general use of wood: preservative wood, imported camphor, Russian Pinus sylvestris, plastic wood and other materials, these wood has a strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or granite need good texture, To prevent human damage. So the steel structure to be anti-corrosion treatment, anti-rain and man-made damage. ? Use and maintenance of knowledge: the use of leisure chairs, master the correct use and maintenance of knowledge, not only to look bright and clean chair, such as new, and can extend the life of leisure chairs. 1, the use of environmental requirements of various types of leisure chairs, especially wooden chairs in the course of the use of indoor requirements to maintain a certain temperature and relative humidity. </p>

<p>New to buy a leisure chair, fragrance and luxury one product furniture, we recommend that you in addition to the interior should maintain a certain ventilation. In addition, indoor leisure chairs should avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid the furniture surface color change or furniture cracking deformation. If the indoor use of air conditioning, indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 60%. If possible, can be planted in the room a number of flowers or ornamental fish, to an appropriate increase in indoor humidity. 2, the regular maintenance of leisure chair surface coating film, not only play a decorative and beautifying the role of the surface of the furniture, more importantly, to protect the furniture surface, it should be regularly on the furniture surface paint film for cleaning. First, use a soft towel to wipe the surface of the furniture, dust and dirt, to be slightly dry surface of the furniture, furniture wax or liquid wax gently wipe the surface of the furniture polish.</p>

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