Low-cost storm on the floor hundreds of floors

Low-cost storm on the floor hundreds of floors

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At the same time, "famous" use of market regulation and consultation with enterprises, corresponding to price increases, creating the following "low." Low one, do not rise, the implementation of the original price. Masters of the square business as early as adequate supply of goods, as opposed to "up" after the high price, consumers will buy low-cost floor. Low of two, slowed up, a week after the rise. Although the floor price has been broad based, but to participate in the event, and inventory of enterprises to determine the "slow", that is, after the end of the event, "up" for consumers to create a buy "cheap" time. Low of three, less up, or the lowest. Participation in the activities of enterprises has made it clear that the introduction of new flooring products, not with reference to solid wood 15%, 8% wood composite, 12% By.
"This year's Nature Flooring Festival came earlier than last year, but also to more fierce, and the significance of extraordinary!" In the second session of the Nature (China) floor section and "I planted trees for the Yellow River" large-scale public welfare Activity series two is about to strong gong occasion, the natural floor Hebei region responsible person told reporters.
According to the person in charge: the second nature (China) flooring section will be November 25 - November 26 in the country simultaneously strong debut, the event will launch: "scratch card, the award", "special surprise Allure 3 + 1 'new stunning listing "," colorful Gifts heavy attack "and many other exciting content and a variety of performances, funny games. Compared with the first floor section: in the first half of the time than the first half, mainly in order to avoid the northern region of consumers due to cold weather, "dwelling" home and missed the event.
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