Green Solid Wood Flooring

Green Solid Wood Flooring

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Green harmless
Solid wood flooring timber from the original forest, the use of non-volatile wear-resistant paint coating, from the species to the paint are green and harmless, unlike the tiles have radiation, wpc timber for garden fences nor strengthen the floor with formaldehyde, natural green harmless Ground building materials.
Analysis on the Advantages of Home - Decorated Solid Wood Flooring。
The benefits to man
Solid wood flooring texture natural, fragrant smell, people feel like being in the forest, and fully feel the breath of nature, but also the release of beneficial ions on the human body and so on.
Solid wood floor in addition to absorb ultraviolet light, Composite Porch Floor for Sale make the eyes feel comfortable, prevent the generation of myopia, the wood floor also has no condensation, no mold characteristics, can avoid the proliferation of mite bacteria, reduce asthma disease, nose and skin allergies Produce, at the same time wooden floor does not contain insects and other microorganisms (after high temperature and high pressure has killed the wood inside the insects and insect pupae).
Moderate hard and soft wood flooring, coarse and smooth moderate, can play a buffer role, eliminating the risk of the elderly children fall.
Wood flooring moderate moderate, can ease the weight load of footsteps, with the elimination of fatigue effect; especially antique floor, but played the role of foot massage, dredge meridians, longevity.
Solid wood flooring from high-grade hardwood material, pergola plastic lumber install board grain beautiful, elegant and elegant decoration, texture thick and moist, rich color gorgeous, very elegant and elegant fashion taste, visual effects is very good, strong sense of sense, Cheap Landscaping Timbers Floor wood flooring does not look monotonous, The color was warm, especially when the body tired, you can make physical and mental pleasure, is the first choice for high-end family income.
The vast majority of solid wood flooring species, the material hard density, corrosion resistance moth strong, normal use, life can be as long as several decades or even centuries.
The advantages of solid wood flooring is the most important environmental harmless, which is people love it a little. This is the introduction of solid wood flooring, I hope this article will help you. If you do not understand what we can pay attention to our long foreman home network, good foreman Home Network will give you more comprehensive, more detailed, updated information and information.
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