the crystalline layer

the crystalline layer

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<p>Because we are a water as the main method of cleaning the country, in the daily clean stone, it will inevitably drag the water often, while the crystalline layer soluble in water, resulting in stone can exterior clear stain be used for composite wood is very easy to become dim. In short, the hardness of the current crystallization technology is not durable, which requires increased maintenance frequency to maintain the stone's appearance and hardness.</p><p> If you want to achieve "reduce costs, improve hardwood floors without tongue and groove quality" effect, in technology, what new ideas and new directions? At present, through our own research and development of stone and hardening agent Bao Tuo A981, has made ordinary beige marble from Mohs hardness 3-4, upgrade to 6-7 (granite Of the hardness), and no film, does not change the appearance.</p><p> As far as possible the use of PH value of the neutral crystalline material. At the same time composite wood fence 75%25 wood Indonesia to adjust the construction process, adding new equipment, as far as possible "physical polishing", the use of large machinery and grinding material, high speed, high pressure, through the grinding out of high light.</p>
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