Solid wood furniture five maintenance methods

Solid wood furniture five maintenance methods

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<P>The benefits of stainless steel furniture are as follows: versatile, space-saving Because of the strength of cold-rolled sheet is better, stainless steel furniture after bending process can meet many functional requirements, multi-drawer, multi-door, mobile,vintage rattan chairs simple and other advantages in different products Can be done. In addition, many varieties of stainless steel furniture with folding function, not only easy to use, but also save space. Green stainless steel furniture raw materials are cold-rolled steel, from the mineral resources, smelting, rolling. With the rise of the "green revolution" in the steel industry and the promotion of the "zero energy consumption" production process, the metal materials from the selection to the production process and after the use out will not give the community a waste of resources, not the ecological environment Unfriendly impact, is the reusable,deck chairs sustainable development of resources products. Fire, moisture, fire prevention is mainly reflected in the stainless steel furniture can withstand the test of fire, so that losses to a minimum. </P><p>Moisture characteristics of the most suitable for the southern region. In the vast southern China, as long as the temperature between 12 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, relative humidity above 60%, is mold breeding paradise and a breeding ground for rust, precious paper documents, photos, equipment, precious drugs, and various Disk film may be exposed to moisture. Metal furniture moisture resistance can solve people's problems. Magnetism is particularly important in the computer age, with commercial secrets,rattan wicker dining chair statistics, private information on the disk, the historic significance of audio and video archives, precious images or classic CD and other objects, most afraid of being suddenly ( Between the strong magnetic field interference, metal furniture, magnetic properties can be a good solution to such problems.</p>
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