Introduction of the maintenance of wpc flooring

Introduction of the maintenance of wpc flooring

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<p>Solid wood flooring material natural superior, so more and more people are welcome, however, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring? Solid wood flooring durability and environmental protection are strong, but not formaldehyde such a toxic substance, so the human body is very healthy, then, what are the shortcomings of it? And small series to see the maintenance and the advantages and disadvantages of wood related to it. Floor maintenance, 1, anti-dirt, every two or three months, you can hit the floor once the floor wax. Before waxing, you should first dust scale, and then use a clean lint-free soft cloth wipe dipped in wax, from the wooden edge of the edge of the floor, followed by a circular wipe on the board surface. </p>

<p>To be evenly wipe again, and then the original cloth (no longer dipped in wax) from the original wipe the edge of the Department, according to the program in order to wipe it again. Waxed the floor surface, not only clean this Ze, a new look, but also can play a protective film, the role of aging. Solid wood flooring in the maintenance, we must pay attention to keep the floor dry and clean, do not use water or wet with alkaline water, soapy water scrub, so as not to undermine the brightness of paint. In case of gray or dirty, can be wiped with a dry cloth. Once a month to play wax is also very necessary, but before the wax and water to clean the stains. 2, paint, use three to five years, the original paint can be the same floor paint, the floor will be re-painted again. In addition to dust before the paint removal, but also the application of a little fine sandpaper, dipped in warm water, the plate gently polished again, grinding away the residual oil, and grinding away the last time the paint left small paint particles.</p>

<p> After grinding with a clean rag wipe clean, you can paint the paint. This paint the floor, will be more smooth, more clean, more glossy. 3, heat, if the heating water leakage, water on the floor when the wood must be promptly wiped clean, not directly to the sun exposure or electric furnace baking, so as not to dry too fast, the floor cracking. Solid wood flooring for a long time do not, do not use plastic sheeting or newspaper cover, because over time, the film will sticky, dull. Also avoid hot pots, hot rice cooker and other objects directly on the floor surface, so as not to burn the film. Advantages: First, durability Solid wood flooring from the whole piece of wood processing, and now the market solid wood floor thickness of uniform 18mm, so that the thickness to ensure that the wear resistance. Second, environmental protection, solid wood flooring from the natural wood, there is no radioactive, formaldehyde-free, no harm to the human body. As long as the regular manufacturers to grow the product, we basically do not have to consider environmental protection, this feature is also a lot of families value solid wood flooring reasons. </p>

<p>Third, the foot feeling good, laying good solid wood flooring has good flexibility, people walking on top, whether it is temperature, touch, foot feeling very soft and comfortable. Disadvantages: First, difficult maintenance, solid wood flooring because of the stability is not good enough, the indoor environment is too wet or dry easily arched, warping or deformation and other issues. And after the pavement often waxing, oiling, or the floor surface of the luster will soon disappear. Second, high prices. Solid wood flooring due to various factors, the price is relatively high. The quality of more secure solid wood floor prices are 200 yuan / square meters. Do need to have a certain economic strength and have enough time and energy to maintain the family was suitable for installation.</p>

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