the $2.6 million contract he has.

the $2.6 million contract he has.

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, its got the better of you, and it definitely did this weekend." He briefly lost his cool, just not his sense of humour. When he was introduced at his press conference as shooting 14 over, he joked, "You didnt have to tell them that part." He shot a 6-over 76 in the final round. McIlroy was part of the feature group the opening two rounds, playing alongside Tiger Woods and Adam Scott -- Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in the world ranking. All three were big duds at Merion Golf Club. Woods finished at 13 over, and Scott at 15 over. "I thought of the three of us, the first two rounds, Adam played the best, and he was the one with the worst score," McIlroy said. "But that is just what a U.S. Open does to you." Again, McIlroy never came close to winning. He finished 25th at the Masters this year and was coming off a brutal 78 at the Memorial. He barely made the cut and finished 57th. Most notably, he quit in the middle of a round at the Honda Classic. The 24-year-old from Northern Ireland believed, though, his game is rounding into form. "I dont feel like my game is that far away," he said. "Thats what Ive been taking out of this week. Its a matter of trying to let it all click into place." With his wedge as bent out of shape as his game, McIlroy finished with 13 clubs. It might not have mattered if he had 19. The former world No. 1 again refused to blame his equipment switch for his season-long struggles. "I sort of needed to play a little bit more," he said. "If I was to do it all over again, I would have done things slightly differently. But you learn from that and its hopefully something Ill never have to do in my career again. So I dont mind taking three months to figure it out and go from there." China Jerseys Authentic . Tracey comes to the Blue Bombers after spending over a decade with Queens University. Most recently he was the schools assistant football coach. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . -- The Bishops Gaiters are showing they belong among the countrys top varsity football teams. . Nine days before the opening ceremony, organizing committee chief Dmitry Chernyshenko said Wednesday that Sochi is "fully ready" and will deliver safe, friendly and well-run games that defy the grim reports that have overshadowed preparations.Each week, TSN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips breaks down all the big stories and issues around Major League Baseball on In this edition, he explains why the Toronto Blue Jays shipped out Emilio Bonifacio instead of Mark DeRosa and whether the team should keep JP Arencibia or Maicer Izturis next season. 1) Why did Emilio Bonifacio not work out with the Jays – there was a lot of hype about his multi-talented skill set and second base was wide open, yet he was given away this week for the dreaded cash or PTBNL. Why would the Jays trade him and keep Mark DeRosa who is 10 years older and was also on the trade block? The Emilio Bonafacio era has come to an end in Toronto and begun in Kansas City as he was dealt on Wednesday. Bonafacio was a big part of the off-season deal with the Marlins that also brought Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle and Jose Reyes north of the border. Bonafacios versatility was a big part of his value as he can play anywhere in the infield and outfield. He was given the opportunity to start at second base but his defence was awful and he soon lost playing time in the infield to Maicer Izturis. Alex Anthopoulos believed he had acquired starting player who could put pressure on the defence with his speed. Instead, Bonafacio looked lost at second base and at the plate. He hit just .218 with three homers and 12 stolen bases in 94 games for the Jays. Hes been a major disappointment since he stole 30 bases last year in only 64 games and had a .360 OBP two years ago. What happened? Bonafacio got overexposed. Theres a reason that some players are utility players. Bonafacio was a super-sub with the Marlins. He filled in where needed always doing an adequate job. He is a jack of all trades. He can play many positions on the field, but none of them very well. Anthopoulos made an assumption that if Bonafacio played every day at a single position that he could add to the numbers he put up as a utility man. Unfortunately, Bonafacio has been over exposed the more he has played. There is a big difference too between playing every day as a replacement at a number of different positions and playing every day at one position. Theres a ton more pressure when there are expectations to deliver as a starting second baseman as opposed to a fill-in for the starting second baseman on one day and then the left fielder another day. It is easy to see that Bonafacio underachieved. His stats scream it. The reason he was traded instead of Mark DeRosa is the $2.6 million contract he has. Bonafacio is arbitration eligible, which means his salary will go up next year. That is way too much to pay a utility man. Utility players should make about $750,000- which happens to be DeRosas salary this year and next year if the Jays exercise his option. 2) The Blue Jays have had some of the worst production in the entire league from the catcher and second base position in terms of AVG, OBP and OPS. Would you be more comfortable with J.P. Arencibia or Maicer Izturis starting every day next season? Successful teams are built with strength up the middle with good pitching and solid defence at catcher, shortstop, second base and centrefield. Offence is important but teams that dont pitch well or catch the ball dont win games. If a player isnt good defensively, then he has to justify his starting role by producing more offensively. If a player isnt very good offensively, then he better be a wizard with the glove. The deadliest combination is being poor offensively and defensively. Players like that lose their starting roles. It is true that the Jays had terrible production offensively at second base and catcher. But the Jays score enough runs to be a winning team. They didnt pitch well enough or catch the ball well enough to be a winning team. The Jays need to cut bait with JP Arencibia. The pitching staff underachieved for which he shares some responsibility. He is also not the smoothest receiver or best game caller either
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