Double drum roller master

Double drum roller master

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<p>High-frequency vibration system with 67 Hz high frequency design, high compaction efficiency, coupled with small work amplitude, especially for thin layer and bridge surface compaction, surface flatness good; large amplitude can be used for thick compaction,Top rated city road repair equipment pressure High efficiency.</p>
<p>Engine power adaptive system so that the system work is always in the efficient area, compared with similar products, high efficiency; and the choice of Cummins QSB4.5 imported engines, powerful, high reliability.
Advanced electro-hydraulic control adopts international matching components, advanced matching design, cutting-edge control technology, perfect combination of hydraulic system and electric control system to achieve superior machine performance, starting vibration, stopping vibration time is short, compaction is more uniform.</p>
<p>Voice of the user: After comparison with other similar products, I found that this compaction efficiency. The same live, the other three or four times to press the pressure machine is good, the pressure roller twice no problem.</p>
<p>Perfect fuel-saving technology</p>
<p>Electronically controlled engine design of the engine in the fuel-saving conditions, the compaction is more uniform,Cold Repair Machine Maintenance more fuel-efficient.
Temperature control fan system according to the ambient temperature changes and the temperature of the radiator medium automatically adjust the fan speed to achieve energy saving.</p>
<P>Load-sensitive hydraulic system, such as load-sensitive hydraulic system development and application of energy-saving technology so that the machine has a better fuel economy, reduce emissions load and improve efficiency.
Voice of the user: This car is very fuel-efficient, the engine noise during the work. This time down, only a fuel consumption on this one for us to save a lot of money.</P>
<p>Comfortable driving environment</p>

<P>Equipped with 180 ° rotation, left and right sliding console and the driver's seat, slide the use of well-known brands of foreign mature structure.
Bright and spacious cabin with octahedral structure, in the cab can be observed in the water spray and the edge of the wheel, the display can clearly display the various parts of the monitoring information,affordable road construction machinery distributors the driver at a glance.</P>
<p>The cab is equipped with high-power air-conditioning, providing a comfortable environment for the construction work.
Voice of the user: the cab damping effect and sound insulation good, sitting in the seat is very comfortable.</p>
<P>Convenient maintenance and repair</P>
<P>Advanced CAN bus technology The whole monitoring system is more accurate, can clearly read out the fault information, shorten the fault judgment time, to provide protection for the progress of the project.
Bird wing hood design Open both sides of the wing cover, the engine hydraulic pump to bare, maintenance point and maintenance point can be carried out on the ground. The hydraulic oil tank is small in volume, which can save the maintenance cost. The sprinkling system is located in the lower part of the machine body, which can conveniently clean the sprinkling filter and the cold day.</P>
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