Install the floor and floor in the store

Install the floor and floor in the store

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In mid-August this year, consumers Wang and his girlfriend came to Sanbao Plaza, a shop near the election floor, the boss recommended to the Wang a composite floor, said the floor wear, durable, non-toxic, odor-free, beautiful . The two decided to buy this silver-white composite floor, and a good price of 118 yuan per square meter. After two days of installation, the floor installed. Wang was felt to install the floor and floor in the store to see the color difference, the quality is not the same. Because it has been installed, he did not think of anything else.
After the renovation more than 2 months, Wang moved into a new house. Less than a month after arrival, the problem will appear, the silver-white composite flooring began to darken from the white to black. He and his girlfriend with a list of purchase to find the floor shop owner, the boss insisted that he sold the floor certainly no quality problems, the problem is caused by improper use of the consumer, refused to compensate. Wang said: the floor is not the kind of installation they see, certainly the boss did the hands and feet, to the boss compensation or return.
Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to conduct an in-depth investigation to understand the master of the flooring shop owner with a lower floor instead of the high floor of the evidence. When the law enforcement cadres to the evidence in front of the shop owner, the boss had to truthfully admitted the fact that the perpetrators. After mediation, the floor shop owner to the consumer in full return 15,000 yuan of floor money. In response to the behavior of the floor shop to deceive consumers, the business sector has made a fine of 3,000 yuan in accordance with the decision to deal with.
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