What is antiseptic wood flooring

What is antiseptic wood flooring

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long-term water to wipe, then more likely to deformation, loss of luster, the same is also very easy to receive scratches and so on. Therefore, we have to stay after the regular maintenance of wood flooring, which requires the use of floor oil.rubber flooring for balcony cheapest So, what is the floor oil? What is the use of floor oil? Below, we will do one by one.
1, what is the floor oil
Floor oil is the tree itself secrete out of the resin to do out of a deployment of oil, also known as floor oil, wood floor oil, wood oil, wood oil.fancy plywood sheet General floor oil natural non-toxic, wipe the floor after there will be a touch of wood, play the role of protection of the floor.
Flooring oil continues to develop,adding height to a wood fence for horse has the latest photocatalyst flooring, flooring oil in the added Photocatalyst, can remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases, suitable for newly renovated house.
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