any lock floor

any lock floor

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"Industry damage is forced to fight and must win the Last Stand, is the current situation, the only direction of the Chinese flooring business is to save China flooring the only hope for the US market, the final outcome of the cut directly related to China's flooring industry's survival" In a proposal released in May this year,sri lanka window design photos the China Forest Products Industry Association decided to continue to convene enterprises to conduct industry injury protest.

Prior to the news that the United States on China floor "double reverse" investigation may be extended from the wood flooring to all other types of wood flooring and other categories. composite wood pool decking However, insiders pointed out that before the Chinese flooring companies to respond to the United States 337 investigation lasted a year and a half, costing tens of millions,

the final verdict is the Chinese flooring export enterprises will no longer be able to export to the United States any lock floor, has entered the United States and The products in building outdoor steps from wood stock will be destroyed or paid in accordance with a prohibition order. Coupled with the "double reverse" the findings of the investigation, the Chinese flooring companies respond to the enthusiasm of the future or suffered a blow.
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