Maintenance: wood floor oil is not a panacea

Maintenance: wood floor oil is not a panacea

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Maintenance of the skin need to use essential oils,Environmentally friendly wood-plastic fence maintenance of wood flooring have to use essential oils? Now, in the Taiyuan market, a bottle of essential oils can be sold for several hundred dollars. Simple calculation, 100 square meters of floor, do an oil conservation, to spend 25-150 yuan, and not cheap! But the floor of the oil on the maintenance of wood flooring really so effective? Really worth the price so expensive?
Promotion: "magic oil" to cure the wood floor, recently, who lives in the provincial capital of the 13th District, Ms. Wang is very bad mood, the cause is three years ago when the wedding laying wooden floor deformation. "I usually love the wood floor, each scrubbing with dry mop, Beautiful And Generous WPC Wall Panels afraid of water stains to make the floor more deformed." Ms. Wang said that in her careful maintenance, the floor has been very bright. But the most recent period, people walking on the floor, often issued a "creak" sound, people upset. And some corner of the room, or even raised. To this end, Ms. Wang to find the floor dealer, would like to discuss a statement.
Ms. Wang received a phone dealer, asked in detail about the use of its purchase, and agreed to arrange factory sales staff as soon as possible home. Two days later, the factory maintenance personnel knocked on the door of Ms. Wang. He used a morning, over and over again scrub the floor, the floor is not only the last not ring, the color has also become with just the same purchase, bright and clear. Ms. Wang was very curious,Movable WPC flower box and asked what the staff is scrubbing the floor. The staff told Ms. Wang: "This is the floor oil, the floor maintenance is very effective." Ultimately, Ms. Wang spent 200 yuan, bought a bottle of such a floor oil. However, in later use, the maintenance effect is less than ideal. Phenomenon: the brand a lot of precious oil Jingui, the industry explained that the floor oil is a polishing agent, is a kind of imported cypress oil and advanced Western products. Wipe the wood floor, allowing rapid absorption of wood flooring, and increase the hardness to moisture, anti-wear. So, floor oil sales in Taiyuan how?
June 3, the provincial capital of the Spring House store actually a distribution shop, a length of about 2.5 meters, 1.5 meters high shelves, filled with a wide range of wood flooring conservation of essential oils. A product on the packaging, the product description description of the product is "universal": the product extracted from plants flowers, leaves, bark roots and other volatile aromatic substances, to prevent cracking, deep moisture,No Expansion Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel repair minor cracks , But also moth, moisture. Sales staff pointed to a conservation of essential oils, this oil is the best conservation of solid wood flooring, it can handle a slight scratches wooden floor to form the same color processing, and which can form a protective film of high-molecular particles, and essential oils With natural coconut oil, bright wood floor brightness, but also with natural Fenduo precision, moisture and moisture.
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