house changed hands

house changed hands

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<p>repair, the basic unit should be clean, cannot have mortar, especially the lime mortar grey, and oil, and water wet ground.2, paving stone, porcelain brick must put standard block, standard piece should be placed on the reticle intersection, diagonal installation.3, to each row in turn hanged line when shop operation, stone material must be soaking </p>
<p>wet, air-dried after rubbing on the back of the net.Stone, ceramic brick pavement maintenance is very important, after installation must sprinkler maintenance after 24 hours, after the shop towel cover sawdust curing.4 attention before the shop is stuck, decorate plank to try to spell, flowers, the color and number, with the laying out of the ground </p>
<p>color is consistent.Stone material must be immersed in order.So as not to affect the condensation sclerosis, produce the problem such as empty drum, the shell.The shop is stuck, after the completion of 2 ~ 3 days may not be here.The ground is decorated, real wood floor, compound floor, ceramic tile, natural stone laid method, small make up </p>
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