Mahogany furniture shoddy market responsibility is significa

Mahogany furniture shoddy market responsibility is significa

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<p>Mahogany furniture to regulate the sale of acts to protect the interests of consumers, "mahogany furniture, general technical conditions" came into being. August 1, 2012 issued a new national standard, provides mahogany furniture, terms and definitions,folding chaise lounge outdoor product naming and classification, the main size, requirements, quality, test methods, inspection rules, labeling, instructions, even for packaging, transport And storage also made relevant provisions. Among them, mahogany furniture, product quality card as the biggest bright spot. The third part covers the safety of the product. The second part is about the main material, finishing process and decoration process. The third part covers the safety of the product. The third part covers the safety of the product. The third part covers the safety of the product, the third part covers the product safety, the product classification, the product type, the series, the classification number and the function. Tips, product warranty, product delivery side information (manufacturer or dealer information). Since then, mahogany furniture has its own "identity card", that the cards from the production to sales and even use to do a detailed description,foldaway chairs spain supplier in addition to guarantee the identity and quality of mahogany furniture, but also has a certain legal effect.</p>
<p>It is understood that the "mahogany furniture, general technical conditions" on the introduction of a number of formal mahogany furniture, a wide range of business support. According to Jinan, home of a brand mahogany furniture, head of marketing, Ms. President, she engaged in mahogany furniture sales for many years, many consumers come to pick mahogany furniture will ask "is the real mahogany?" This makes the sales staff very embarrassed. Some manufacturers in order to seek high returns, with ordinary hardwood to create the surface after the mahogany "stickers" treatment, so that ordinary wood furniture is sold mahogany furniture prices. Because of this production of ordinary consumers can not identify the authenticity of furniture,garden furniture polywood outdoor bar chair deceived become inevitable.</p>
<p>True and false to distinguish the mahogany furniture market directly dampen the enthusiasm of consumers, mahogany furniture must have a mandatory strict rules of self-discipline. The industry believes that this mahogany furniture, "ID" not only allow consumers to clearly consumption, but also to regulate the sales business behavior.</p>
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