Selling the floor

Selling the floor

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From the net profit rate, in addition to Dell out to 26.48%, the nature and Shengda were only 0.19% and 0.54%, is indeed too little point, the floor operating profit of the thin, it is evident. In Beijing, in mid-October 2012 weather, the new farmers market wholesale market price of 0.5 yuan / kg, into the residential area wood plastic laminated panels for sale in the retail price of 0.8 yuan / kg, after deducting some of the necessary expenses, profit margins Also about 30%. Selling the floor, has been reduced to far less than the extent of selling cabbage, is really sad.

Is the product not good? Obviously not, whether it is nature or Del, or up, there is a very strong innovation strength, product performance is not only environmentally friendly people impeccable,composite board for boat floors closely follow the trend of fashion is also much ahead;

is not enough to promote it? Obviously not, the major companies in order to marketing campaign, or joint industry, or organization of marketing, the market has done fast; is the lack of demand? May not, despite the shadow of real estate regulation is still, but the rigid demand for the famous brand is still a soft spot, deck veneer composite cover your existing deck with the greatest attraction. Floor sales in the enterprise, profit margins in the fall, no matter how hard the business, it is an indisputable fact.
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