relevant knowledge

relevant knowledge

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drop side side in the middle of The Times keel parts.Plasterboard should be installed under the free state, the fixed fixed around the order should be central to the board, gypsum board and should leave 6 mm clearance between surface.The distance between screw and edge with 10-15 mm advisable,

self tapping screw nail spacing is not greater than 200 mm (optional 150 - a - 170 - mm).After the completion of the nail plate pack, with gypsum putty to fill with joints and nail hole, with seam tape or fiberglass mesh tape board sewing stronger material such as dry strap seam, each joint should be in the top after a putty caulking dry.Wooden keel condole carries on the construction process of the relevant knowledge, play small make up have to share,

I hope it can help you, if you want to know more about the keel knowledge, please continue to focus on house decoration.Related: wooden keel ceiling installation acceptance techniques daqo wooden keel keel ceiling construction technology knowledge and method of the choose and buy of light steel keel keel ceiling installation processEvery Angle it refers to the house to the sharp corners,
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