US multi-storey wood flooring

US multi-storey wood flooring

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his mind. Ming-lin, executive director of Wood, said the wood floor in recent years, China's multi-storey wooden floor also added a 5% consumption tax, where Americans say the so-called subsidies? Clearly the United States own economic downturn, engaged in trade friction. In a very short period of time, the participating enterprises quickly Baotuan, a joint venture to countervailing the collective respondent. Lan Qiang and in Beijing to find a US-backed law firm, led his own business began a separate anti-dumping response, preparation of the respondent material heap into the hill. 20 million in litigation costs, to keep a market The United States is the highest cost of lawyers in the country, the legal system and China, the language does not pass these problems often allow domest

ic enterprises involved in double reverse prohibitive. Many companies in the United States sales are not, often give up responding. This reporter learned that the Nanjing a total of four companies involved, only Minglin Wood a respondent. In fact, we are just beginning to apprehension, recall the original, Lin Chengtai said he knew the lawsuit has the odds, but the lawsuit to spend much money? Previously heard that other industries to fight such lawsuit, and some companies spend a billion dollars, can not get a lawsuit can drag the company down. At that time we thought to myself, how to fight this lawsuit have to spend 300,000 US dollars. However, the US market not to fight, the next may also lose more markets. The final cost is not as great as imagined. This year the lawsuit ended, the accounting one afterwards, the company from top to bottom are laughing. Lan Qiang said: the final cost was 20 million yuan. Our profit growth in the US market can be much mo

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