Wood flooring selection methods

Wood flooring selection methods

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As the wooden floor with moisture-proof function and the quality of Kennedy, pressure wear-resistant, and other advantages of people's favorite, especially wood floor with super decorative effect, outdoor stair composite flooring materials used in the square, living room, bathroom, balcony, shopping malls, office buildings, residential local. Wood flooring is an important part of the selection, so we give friends about the wood floor color and size of choice.
Wood flooring style choice
Now the popular new Chinese style, the Mediterranean sun style,balcony deck construction material for sale European rural style, oriental pastoral style, etc., home decoration involving tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, curtains, cabinets, doors and windows, paint and other materials and accessories, style of coordination Important, is to measure the main grade and quality of the main concern. Style to determine the color of the tiles to determine the tone of the general, but also pay attention to consider some of their own individual needs, the elderly children and other family members of the structure, security is to note. General living room wood flooring choose the color and texture of the veneer is imitate the old, composite bench with wpc material such as stone rather than stone. Such tiles and wood decoration, Buji decoration and other natural materials with decorating, you can create a natural simplicity, lingering flavor of the realm.
Wood flooring color choice
1, for a small area, poor lighting bathroom, does not apply to the dark and warm color of the wall. ideals of plastic wood patio floor Because the dark wall makes people feel smaller space, the more the room looked dark: the other wall of the warm color system, visually has the feeling of approaching, will increase the sense of depression in the room. So this type of room is usually light and cool color of the wooden floor.
2, wood flooring as the background of sanitary ware, plays the role of foil. So the color of lightness, saturation aspects are much lower than the sanitary ware.
3, wood flooring should maintain a color, the general color of wood flooring to the wall to be deeper.
4, the bathroom wall, the pattern should be subtle, elegant color, vague, can not be overwhelming; kitchen wall style should be simple and lively, , People feel clean and bright, appropriate decorative pieces of tile.
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