country solid wood flooring

country solid wood flooring

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The focus of this revision of the standard, what is the significance of the entire industry? [Lv Bin] The amendments we discussed in this conference are to make our entire outdoor plastic roof panels for deck industry meet the needs of both consumers and resources, and environmental factors, and to improve our standards in the past to consider the lack of .

Through these efforts to promote our country solid wood flooring industry continues to develop. [Home] good home network, once again thank Lu Bin, director of the focus of home network interview.luxembourg wpc Today's interview is over. Thank you! General Manager Yu Wenjie and "Wo Hong House" strategic alliance partners Kebao occupancy-style home furnishing general manager Lin Zhouyong, Shuaikang overall kitchen marketing minister Xia Zhongyong.

At the meeting, Rocky officially launched to the community with original environmental quality of the "aldehyde Seamless Wo Xiang flooring," the application of alternatives to landscape timbers the floor board million eco-industry Co., Ltd. exclusive product - does not release formaldehyde, "Wan Wo Heung board" Floor substrate, so that formaldehyde emission is lower than Europe's most stringent E0-class environmental standards, almost zero emission of formaldehyde can be achieved.
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