board of the floor price

board of the floor price

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and upgraded. Enterprises need to use network forces to obtain better production factors, and need to expand marketing through the network. And many small and medium enterprises with Internet access there are many problems, lack of Internet companies lack of talent, lack of technology, lack of funds, it is difficult to access, the Internet companies need to find efficient ways to use the network. Second, Zhejiang's network of economically developed, the site clusters obvious. In the proportion of the country, Zhejiang net

market share accounted for more than 80% of the country, the industry accounted for 21% of the site, the industry accounted for 40% of the top 100 sites, most of the blocky economy in Zhejiang have industry websites. However, the vast majority of industry web site development are faced with the problem: First, although the site from the massive economy, but the face of thousands of households dispersed industries and enterprises, and related industry associations rarely cooperation, the lack of integration ; Second, the site organizer is only a operator, it is difficult to get more relevant social resources, lack of credibility; Third, the site is relatively weak, online self-reliance. It is difficult to invest a lot of advertising, relying solely on its own independent business marketing, lack of visibility. How to open up a way to avoid weaknesses to block the economy as the backing to the

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