Buy the floor should pay attention to the problem

Buy the floor should pay attention to the problem

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"Lu Fuma floor of the plate is imported from Germany, the product is processed in the country." Lu Fuma floor of the Blue King Li Zhongjia Temple sales staff told reporters that the company's sales of German imports of HARO floor products, but also In the domestic processing of the Lu Fuma floor. However, in Lu Fuma's product brochure, clearly printed "German Lu Fuma floor" message.
Reporters learned that some consumers have realized that some companies to confuse the tricks, consumers said that in order to avoid buying fake foreign flooring, they are more willing to choose a brand awareness and reputation of the domestic brands. Many people think that nature, Ruijia, Shengda and other brands, although not in the name of a fuss, but the brand is very trustworthy, and the Holy elephant really have a German "descent" brand has gradually establish the Chinese national brand Image, access to consumers of all ages.
Reporter noted that the current supermarkets, the clear play "German card" floor has been significantly reduced, but at the same time have played a lot of Belgium, Austria, Portugal, "nationality." So that consumers have more doubts.
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