Wood flooring local drum deformation of the how to do?

Wood flooring local drum deformation of the how to do?

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<p>Traditional wood flooring is difficult to take care of, high cost, more corrosion and mildew of the situation. The plastic floor regardless of performance, cost, manufacturing process is far better than wood flooring, plastic flooring will lead the flooring industry to a new era.</p>
<p>Traditional wood flooring is made of trees,long lasting outdoor composite wood product so manufacturing wood floors will harvest a lot of trees, not only destroy the environment, but also contrary to environmental protection ideas. Wood flooring should be careful to take care, be careful to keep the perception and performance; because the wood flooring vulnerable to moisture, termites, water and so on like deformation, or even corrosion.</p>
<p>The green plastic floor maintenance is much simpler, some special stains can be used soft detergent or warm water immediately cleaned,outdoor plastic tile never use a lot of water to clean the floor. Pvc floor as glue does not require bonding, do not need the same as the wooden floor to increase corrosion, decay of chemical drugs, so the formaldehyde content of zero, and also has a non-toxic goods, Retardant, waterproof moisture, antibacterial and other characteristics, by the people's favorite.</p>
<p>Cost, the plastic floor is more expensive than the wooden floor, the production cost is lower, resulting in relatively lower prices of wood flooring. Prices more towards the civilian population. And more styles. More wood flooring, both good performance,innovative wood fence but also lose perception, by many family hobbies. Therefore, the production of plastic flooring for the environmental protection industry out of a force.</p>
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