pollution.The most important

pollution.The most important

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<p>feel after a long time won't smell it.Actually not smell disappeared, is our nose deceives us.Based on the best authority test results for talking, sometimes the harm of low concentration for a long time is greater than the harm of excitant strong smell!Decoration pollution myth # 3: use air freshener or pineapple peel orange peel to purify indoor </p>
<p>harmful gas ai ms found a decoration company to decorate, after the completion of interior smelled, have been afraid to live and stay in the room is less than two hours, just smoked gadites headache, tears.Successively with tea, green Chinese onion, fruit peel, activated carbon grain processing are useless.Tested, the formaldehyde in indoor air to </p>
<p>stere of 0.41 milligram /, for more than 5 times of bedroom formaldehyde standard prescribed by the state.Tip: use air freshener or pineapple skin to eliminate indoor harmful gas is not scientific, do so only cover effect, even if can absorb the harmful gas such as tea but only absorb pollution in the air, the source of problem not solved, of course the </p>
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