What are the bridge expansion joints

What are the bridge expansion joints

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<P>1. Vibratory impact ram should be adapted to the cohesive soil, sand and gravel and other bulk material compaction, shall not be in the cement road and other hard ground operations.</P>
<p>2. Prior to the operation of key inspection items should meet the following requirements:</p>
<p>1) The components connected well, no loosening;</p>
<p>2) internal combustion impact ram has enough oil, throttle control rotation flexibility;</p>
<P>3) shock impact ram has a reliable zero or grounding, cable surface insulation is good.</P>
<p>3. After the impact of internal combustion ram rammed,Thermal Regeneration Comprehensive Vehicle use Explanation the internal combustion engine should idle running 3 ~ 5min, and then gradually increase the throttle until the ramming machine stable operation before operation.</p>
<P>4. Electric shock ram After connecting the power to start, you should check the direction of motor rotation, there should be an error when switching the phase line.</P>
<p>5. Operation should be properly grasp the ram machine, not tilt, handle should not be too tight grip, to control the speed of ramming machine can be.</p>
<p>6. Normal operation, shall not be hard pressed down, affecting the ramming machine height. The handle may be slightly pressed down on the loose filler or uphill, and the rammer forward speed should be increased.</p>
<p>7. Where the need to increase the density, can be controlled by hand tamper in situ repeatedly compaction.</p>
<P>8. According to operational requirements, internal combustion ram ram should be adjusted by adjusting the size of the throttle, in a certain range of changes in the vibrator frequency vibrator.</P>
<p>9. Internal combustion impact ram is not suitable for high-speed continuous operation. Do not stop suddenly when the internal combustion engine is running at high speed.</p>
<p>10. Electric shock ram should be equipped with leakage protection device, the operator must wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes. Operation,Resistance corrosion concrete road cutting machine producers the cable should not be pulled too tight, should always check the wiring installation, not loose and cause leakage. Rain operation is forbidden.</p>
<p>11. During operation, when the impact ram has abnormal sound, it should be stopped immediately.</p>
<P>12. When the short-distance transfer, the impact of the ram hand should be slightly upward lift, the transport wheel into the impact of the tamping of the hook, and then press the handle, so that the center of gravity backward, before pushing the impact of the transfer ram ram.</P>
<p>13. After operation, remove the sediment on the plate and attachments, to keep the tamper clean and safekeeping.</p>
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