Natuure wood grain flooring

Natuure wood grain flooring

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First, the natural wpc insulation is because the wpc is a honeycomb structure,<a href="">houseboat wall panel high quality materials</a> which is filled with air, and air can block the transmission of heat, which delay the heating time, play the role of insulation, and paste wpc wood flooring manufacturing need to natural wpc bark first crushed and then carried out high temperature and pressure polymerization, in which the process which greatly compressed out of the wpc inside the air, so that the original normal cellular flattening, which reduces the air, the natural thermal conductivity also improved.

Second, the impact of geothermal floor thermal conductivity of the main reasons there are two: one is the floor of their own material properties; the other is the thickness of the floor. <a href="">install plastic tiles on wooden floor</a> wpc wood flooring for the material properties of the above has been very clear, the thickness of the floor also affect the thermal conductivity of a very important factor, and the current circulation in the market generally only paste the wpc wood flooring 4mm, and the construction of the direct paste on the cement floor , So the ground will form a whole, the heat transfer will be very fast. And let us look at the current market known as geothermal floor can do the thickness of other flooring, laminate flooring own thickness of 8-12mm, together with the mat 2mm, generally to reach 10-14mm, parquet thickness of their own 13- 18mm or so, together with the mat 2mm, generally up to 15-22mm Moreover, the use of floating shop construction method, there are hollow parts, but also cause a certain temperature loss.<a href="">materials for timber boat floor</a> We can see, paste wpc wood flooring thermal conductivity in the ground floor is more obvious advantages, in fact, according to different wood flooring temperature and thermal conductivity of the actual use of consumer experiments have proved that the paste wpc wood flooring in geothermal heating on the edge. And the locking wpc wood flooring thermal conductivity and laminate flooring basically the same thermal conductivity, so "wpc wood flooring with radiant heating (geothermal heating) is the insulation of the argument" is not established.

In the future, in order to allow consumers to directly understand what type of wpc wood flooring,<a href="">front porch floor dealer Norway</a> wpc wood flooring and wpc wood flooring can be categorized as a direct expression of adhesive wpc wood flooring and locking wpc wood flooring, which can better express clearly The concept of wpc wood flooring. The two flooring in the production process, installation and construction, maintenance and application areas are very different, so make clear these two concepts on the wpc wood flooring promotion and application is of great significance.
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